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side effects of xanax

i took xanax for three weeks and it made my anxiety symptoms worse into rage, irritated, lost, confused, hands were heavy, suicidal ideation. Doc took me off xanax couple of days ago and i am xanax free for the last 5 days, I want to know how long does the it take to get rid of side effects of xanax from my body. i was taking 0.5mg xanax for three weeks. Also, my psychiatrist diagnosed me with OCD, whats the difference between OCD with fear of harming onself and other with suicidal dieation?
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the half life is short, xanax is not even in your body anymore
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thanks silver, then why am i having headaches and a little bit of confusion. also, i do admit that my OCD has gone done after i have stopped taking xanax, it is almost like something is popping up in my head but it vanishes. however, my last fear of suicide ideation has a huge impact on the way i am now. i am still distressed at the fact that i was contemplating suicide or should i say i was fearing that i might committ suicide.... these crazy thoughts are still there sometimes. i wonder why i am still thinking about it even though xanax is out of my system...
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it's your OCD, you may want to check yourself in for a couple of days, to relieve the stress.
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First, make sure you actually have OCD.  This is one of the most abused diagnoses psychiatrists use, along with bipolar 2, which probably doesn't exist.  True OCD involves not just obsessive thoughts, which everyone suffering from depression and anxiety have, but also obsessive action, the compulsive part, such as the stereotypical repeated washing of hands.  If you just have obsessive thoughts, which is what it sounds like, but no compulsive actions, you're not OCD, you just suffer from anxiety.  You might also be suffering a mild withdrawal from quitting the Xanax.  Xanax really mess me up when I tried it; I had a paradoxical reaction and ended up with new phobias, and it made me feel really strange.  Every med affects an individual differently.
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i agree with you. It all happened after xanax. I have so many phobias now that i get scared of myself. but then i tell myself, its my OCD to wade them away... Xanax had a terrible effect on me. I wish now i had never taken it... I am hoping that these phobias will go away..

Paxiled how long did it take for you to get rid of your phobias once u stopped taking xanax....
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Not until I went on Paxil, but when I went off Paxil I suffered a terrible withdrawal that my psychiatrist failed to diagnose or treat.  So now I'm a complete mess.  But the worst effects of the Xanax went away as soon as I stopped taking it.  The problem isn't really the Xanax, it's the underlying condition that makes those of us who suffer anxiety project one experience onto other experiences, conditioning ourselves to suffer more anxiety.  Until you learn to overcome that conditioning and the avoidance, the disease stays.  Only therapy can do that, though it hasn't worked for me it has for many.  That's your best bet.
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