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sinus with lexapro?

hi all... i have been on lexapro for 3 years and i have been having sinus headaches for quite a while, although i wasnt really aware of this earlier. i thought my headaches were only due to stress. my headaches are partly with stress and anxiety, but of late i have found that i have one sided headaches for no apparent reason. i just wake up with a heavy one side headache at times, can feel heaviness in the forehead area and nose... went to see a doc who has been treating me for it... but doesnt seem to be helping too much... has anybody else develoiped sinus with lexapro, and any suggestions how to treat it? many thanks.
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Both imipramine and Paxil gave me headaches.  Lexapro hasn't, but I've developed this weird fullness in my ears and allergies during non-allergy season.  I read recently on the Lexapro website that sinus problems are one of its most common side effects.  Imagine that!  I saw an ENT, who told me I was clenching my jaw, causing me the ear feeling.  Then I read on this site recently that Lexapro was causing jaw clenching.  So there you have it.  These are just weird stuff, these meds.
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yeah really really weird and annoying...thanks for your post.
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i also noticed that whenevr i have these headaches and heaviness in the head, it really pulls my mood down.. and once the headache is gon, my mood is up and i m feeling better again... have you had anything like that?
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