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I have had sinuses really bad for the past 6 months now and 2 months ago I had a sinus infection which was the worst pain I have ever gone through so far and it was mixed with the stress and anxiety I had around the time I started school in the fall but that has all calm down somewhat. I went to the doctor and she said I didnt need any more antibiots but its been two months since i had that last sinus infection and I have a bump on the roof of my mouth and my tonsils are swollen again and those are all signs of a sinus infection and I'd hate to go through that again'; but she did not help me she just told me to take sudafed and Ib profin and let it fight off and I know that it will work on its on, but is this more than just sinuses? I am a dancer in theatre & arts and its been hard trying to dance with this because everytime I move my face and neck it feels like my head is about to pop off. Im sure its just the congestion and fluid in the face and in the ear but is it anything else with the nerves if I haven't been getting much sleep and I cant hold my head up with my neck? The most pain is in the right side of my face above my ear and in my eye.  Does anyone recommend anything i can do for the pain while the infection tries to go away on its own?
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Alka Selzer. In bed use a hot pad.
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Assuming this really is sinuses, your doctor is protecting you from yourself.  Taking antibiotics for sinus infections kills off your beneficial organisms that protect you from both congestion and sinus infections, and generally they go away on their own.  If this is really sinus problems you want to find out why you're congested -- not easy, but it could be a food allergy such as wheat or dairy or many things.  In the meantime, there are natural remedies for congestion you can investigate and you might look into using a netti pot -- basically putting salt water through your nasal cavity to fight off pending infections.  Good luck.
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Ok but tonight Ive been up late because of my school work for two weeks plus these sinuses have been hell:/... When I moved my eye too fast it felt like something moved out of place or out of the socket so I put everything down and layed down because that was scary it doesnt hurt now it just felt weird and uncomfortable for a second im putting ice around it right now :/
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