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social anxiety/depression and other symptoms connected to medical disorder?

Hi, im 17 and a girl.
Okay, so here are my symptoms: very bad social phobia (became apparent during middle school and has continued), depression, unusual hair growth on face and body, fatigue, muscle aches, trouble sleeping, acne, headaches (they come with the social anxiety i guess), migraines (though not many), low appetite, weight loss, im not sure about menstrual irregularities i have't noticed.

Here is my background: my sister was just diagnosed for hyperthyroidism, my mother is taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills (so am I), both my parents have trouble with shyness (mostly my father), my grandma on my dad's side has severe social phobia (though that side of the family is hush-hush with mental/emotional problems so she's never talked about it or gotten it checked out), I have no idea whether thyroid problems run in my family tho.

So I was wondering, is there any possible medical problem with me that would be the cause of my symptoms? Maybe hypothyroidism, adrenal problems, or PCOS (hirsutism)?. This recent deal with my sister's condition has raised many questions in my head and I real would like like to know if this could be medically/phyiscally involved. thanks!
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thanks so much for your help! i never knew about cushing's syndrome before. Most of the symptoms match mine, i think i will get it checked out.

i have one more question for u tho. i am getting a thyroid (blood) test soon because it was recommened by my sister's doctor in case her thyroid problem is hereditary. Will this test show anything to indicate cushing's or problems with sex hormones? cause it would be more convenient if i only had to take this test.
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