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social anxiety?

I really don't know how to overcome this.  Whenever i have to interact with people i get really fatigue, muscle tension and brain dead.  I was feeling fine this morning working alone doing things I enjoy, as soon as I got a phone call, I decided to answer it and face my fears, but the whole time on them phone I felt very bored and I started getting really tired. Yesterday I went to this thing called (MAPS) Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies with my boyfriend, I was trying to make small talk but I started to get those same symptoms and felt debilitated.  
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Have you thought about counseling? I think this would be of great help to you. They will teach you coping skills to deal with your social anxiety. Take care. Remar
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I would also have to agree that counseling can really help with social anxiety.  First of all, don't feel ashamed or embarrased about it because many people suffer from this in my opinion.  In my experience, counseling can she some light on why you are feeling anxious, make it less confusing, and gvie you as step by step approach to confront it.  
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