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social anxiety

Oh my Gosh......I'M so excited, but Anxious!

I am a stay at home mom, i had a job about  4 years ago at a chicken place preparing foods. Well ive been wanting and needing a job deperatly to help the fam financially, and have been apllying EVERYWHERE and finally, i think i got a breakthrough!

I have an interview next Saturday with "Kiddie Kandids". If you dont know, they are a proffesional photography place, just like sears portrait studie, The Picture People, etc...well you dont need any experience, they train you to become a photographer.

Heres the Problem. I am worrying about every single thing possible to worry about. Am i wearing the right clothes, how do i do my hear, i just died it black and im very pale should i dye it lighter before saturday? What is she  gonna think about me and my resume. How do i overcome these fears????????
I need a job, i need money, and im feeling like i am going to fail  :( Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I know how you feel. I graduate January and I'll be going to be extern then. It feels like everybody can look inside you and see every little fault. I'm trying to learn to let all that stuff go. Remember!! Nobody's perfect. Seriously!!! All those people that we watch on TV?? They don't exist!!! You go and be you and remember that there's nothing wrong with you. You'll do things differently then some people and they'll do it differently then others. Also, Nobody's going to expect you to know something they're fixin ta teach you. As for you hair, look around you!!! People are wearing it purple, blue, and pink. As long as you're clean, I'm sure you'll look beautiful!!
Good luck!!! I'll be praying for you!! Love...
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dress professionally, conservatively. neat clothes. when u interview always look at the interviewer in the eye and , keep eye contact but try to emit the essence of pleasantness but serious and eager to listen and looking enthususiastic  about getting on board. Dont lie about what u can and cant do cause it will catch up w/ you anyway. Be sincere.even if you lie about your resume dont lie about your abilities. Be cool, everything will unfold as they should. Try to follow up if they dont call you back right away, this shows ur interest.
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Try to relax and think about doing your best for getting the job. By worrying you might not help yourself but then believing in positive things helps. Try this tip to relieve anxiety- whenever you recognise unhelpful thoughts you stop and hold back and tell yourself you got better things to do and that you are going to dump those thoughts into gutter.
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The first interview was in 2007. I think it is over now.
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