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social anxiety...how to overcome it

I want to overcome this social anxiety i have, its bad... i cant go to the store or mall etc, without having this bad anxious feeling that someone is looking or talking bad about me :( and if it gets really bad i have a panic attack and start freaking out. Im tired of this, i just wanna feel good about going places.
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Awww sweet heart. I have that feeling also. Try you best to ignore It and have the " I don't care what people say about me " attitude. Don't let people ruin  your life.  Do they pay your bills? No! Do they pay your rent ? No! So who cares! I want you tomorrow to go to the mall and have that attitude and don't are what people think or say.  
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I will rry my hardest, i know i shouldnt care.  I need to focus my attention on other things but its hard. Thanks for the advice :)
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I understand totally. We have this anxiety and it can seem like we can't settle in our bodies and it can feel like people notice us and are  judging. Remember, people are really more focussed on themselves and even if they notice someone that seems anxious well, So What! Do your best and don't worry.
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