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i have had panic attacks for maybe now a couple of months but the anxiety or social anxiety not always but 80% im somewhere public for maybe 9 months. lately i have been getting headches daily also and i want something other then meds they didnt help me well they did for a short period of time but they started losing their real strength and i dont want to get hooked anyways i have been looking for natural remedies. I afiend recently told me to just take B viamin complex he told me they are healthier then those pesky prescribtions drug companies have out there, Also he told me to take L-theanine and gaba, idk is anyone out there i keep readin that they are good for panic attacks or anxiety but will it be ok to always take them and live a normal life like go out and socialize and drink ? for how loing would i have to take them ? anyone know anything about this ?
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now on top of the headaches now i have blurred vision, like when u look into a light and then start to read u still see the light source when u close ur eyes, i check my eye sight in april and eveything was fine my eye sight was also perfect just today, ive had the headches or pressure in my head sinc elast monday. The blurred vision started now after working out and showering.
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is it possible that this new organic tea im taking with passion flower is causing this ???
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Stop taking the new organic tea (just in case it's contributing).

I've found (over decades) that anxiety meds are not the route to go for controlling anxiety.  They're often fine in pinch as a bandaid (gotta love serax/oxazepam), or maybe for some like Buspar over the short term of perhaps a year but really, the heart of the matter is figuring what you need to do on your own to take control of your mood.

There are often many things one can do towards reducing their anxiety, such as:

treat good sleep as a high priority, avoid caffeine (at least six hours before sleep and avoid it entirely if your anxiety's poorly managed), eat healthy (at least cut way back on sugars), keep yourself physically active (long walks are often excellent), have calming routines on hand to ride out anxious episodes (puzzle books work well for me, else reading), try dabbling in meditation like quiet breaks (I do this pretty much daily, it really helps give me a reserve to help ride oout the day's rough spots), etc. etc.
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thank you, the headaches did start before the tea now that i think about it i didnt start the organic tea until Saturday, and the headaches started monday. If i bend down or try and go upside down it feels alot worse. I feel the blood rushing to my head quickly. Yea i have panic attacks and social anxiety and ive been eating better, i also workout and added 45-1 an hour of cariod daily. Im wondering if perhaps high blood pressure could be causing these headaches or even my pulse rate to sky rocket causing the anxiety.Ive also been thinking alot alot more positive despite these problems. i also started grounding standing outside pair foot and walking in the grass barefoot for about 45 mins in the morning.
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