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sudden dizziness shaky hands palpitation thinking doomed

i am 22 and i had this very scary experience last july 20 2014. i was in bed 5am and still not able to sleep when the time i turned off my laptop this strange and very scary feeling happened.

my vision started twirling and majpr shaky like in a very shaky boat but i still try my best to stand up and went to restroom and drink water and try to calm my self. i had sweaty hands and got to think doomed.

but i am not able to tell my mom coz j am scared at hospitals and doctor :(

then for about an hour or two i was able to lie down and still feeling very bad and dizzy but tried to calm

then the time i woke up i am still dizzy and tried to act normal.

now its been 10months and i have experienced to attacks still. and the worst its at work and sometime at then time i am in the upublic bus and walking and got scared. i always carry water with me. and vicks inhaler to calm me down. when i feel like okay then the time i go.

but still dizzy everyday :(

this sickness takes my whole life. i am not able to go out. i gave up alcoholic drinks since then and coffee too.

now i cant go out alone :( i am scared i may faint out :(

i have read a lot in many pages and every symptoms says its panic attack and ear infection. but it attacks even tho i am at rest :(

what is this please :(
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You are 22 years old and this has been going on for almost a year and you've yet to see a doctor about it?
There comes a time when even if we ARE afraid of hospitals and doctors, as adults we must simply suck it up and go.
You DO understand that none of us here are doctors. And even if we were, we would and could not offer you any sort of diagnosis without seeing you personally. So this is my NON MEDICAL OPINION ONLY!

Did you have anxiety BEFORE the incident in July of 2014 or was this your first episode?

You are describing pretty common anxiety/panic attacks. But when you state that you feel "dizzy" every day, this sends up a red flag for me. While feeling dizzy is not uncommon during a panic attack, feeling it every day without a concurrent panic attack is something you should have had checked by a doctor.

My other really major concern is that your anxiety/panic seems to be morphing into agoraphobia. (The fear and/or inability) to leave your house. This is a devastating disorder that if not treated can turn you into a virtual prisoner, so you must begin to deal with this as soon as you can.

I strongly urge you to see your doctor and discuss everything you have told us. I understand this will be difficult for you, but you can't put this off any longer.

Please be well and let us know how you're doing.
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its not that everyday, but there are just times that i feel lightheaded and it not like spinning it like on a shaky boat.

but there are times in morning that it is really spinning.

no before july i was not diagnose with panic attack. it is the time that started everything

i did have tests cbc, mri, ent all went normal :) which is i think good. but i have to go to cardio and psych to see if its in my heart or something about panic attacks
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Whether your "dizziness" is like spinning or being on a shaky boat, there is no way for me to tell you what is causing it.
There's actually a name for that dizziness you sometimes get when you go from laying down or sitting to standing up: orthostatic hypotension. You can discuss this when you see your cardiologist......he/she will explain what causes it.
It is a very good sign that all those tests you had were normal. They ruled out many possible problems.
The cardio will rule out other problems and the p-doc will be able to determine if all of these symptoms are anxiety driven and if so, decide on the best treatment for you.
Keep us posted, OK?
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