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symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder

Im just curious to what symptoms everyone else is suffering from and if mine are normal.  Ill just make a list of my symptoms, and would greatly appreciate any support or advice.

-dizziness almost all the time
-feeling like I am going to die everyday
-feeling like I have a brain tumor or heart problem
-racing heart all the time
-I dont feel like im here ever physically (therapist says its depersonalization/derealization)
-tingling in my arms/legs
-ringing in ears
-headaches that feel like a lot of pressure
-shortness of breath

I have tried zoloft but the side effects were too terrible, so now im on my second day of celexa (i think thats how you spell it) I feel even more dizzy now that im on this, and more like im not here.  My heart has slowed down though.  Im thinking about going off of it though, just because i cant take the side effects.  I take xantax occasionally when it gets really bad.

Im scared something is seriously wrong with me and im so worried!  especially that something is wrong with my brain because i dont feel like im present all the time, not just at certain times.  My mom is forcing me to take at least a week of the celexa, but its making me short of breath and makes my chest tight and hurt.  I also feel more like im not present and "fake" very dizzy, and sometimes fuzzy vision.

I had the worst day two days ago, I cried the entire day.  I took a nap and woke up and was confused and scared because everything wasnt real.  I just started screaming because i didnt know what else to do.

Therapy doesnt seem to help much, although ive only been three times.  She just listens and doesnt really give me any techniques to get through it.  But I guess thats what physiologists are supposed to do.  

i just found a site called ilovepanicattacks.com and just ordered his book and hopefully the cd as well.  

Is there any medications/natural supplements that have worked for some people?  Any specific book or something to get them out of this feeling fake or that everything is fake.

Ill give you a quick look at my medical history too....Im a 20 year old female.  Was a swimmer since I was 5 years old and very active in school.  This happened about 6 months ago when I started to get a racing heart and I obsessed about it, always taking my pulse.  I went to the doctor about 3 months ago and she took some blood work and an EKG.  All came back fine except that I have an underactive thyroid.  She put me on a low dose of synthroid and said the heart should slow down.   It didnt, and one night I thought I was dying and my heart was really high so I went to the emergency room.  They took two more EKGs and some blood work and both came back great. Thats where they diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder.  Went back to my doctor about two weeks after that, and she prescibed the zoloft and xantax.  Took zoloft for a day and couldnt take it again.  Now im on my third day of celexa.  Im going in for a heart monitor on wednesday so im very relieved to get that checked out, but im so worried about my brain because I feel fake all the time and dizzy. should i get an MRI? My doctor said she doesnt think anything is wrong with my brain.  Everything is just getting much worse and i need some help.  Any advice is so greatly appreciated!
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