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symtoms all day

Hi i have a history of anxiety that strikes without warnings, it not triggered by outside forces such crowds ext. i have learned to deal with the attacks with no problems. but now i have had a very stressful month, and seem to be haveing them all the time but the symtoms are worse, hands and feet go complely numb still neck tingling in face and body and constant short breath. i workout everyday almost (runing and lift weights) and i am ok with that. some when i am trying to sleep my minds doesnt let my and i stay thus creating more stress on my body. i feels like i have short breath most the time. i went to the doctors they checked heart, breathing, and blood all were fine except they low level of potassuim. i have a followup tomorrow

Is this normal to have them all the time out of nowwhere and have them last a long time not just 15-30?
can someone enlighten me on symtomes and casues(i know your not a doctor but just some personal knowledge)?

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First off, anxiety spells can last for weeks!  I had a massive panic attack 2 weeks ago due to a fight with my husband and have been experiencing what seems to be an ongoing constant panic attack for 2 weeks.  

I havn't been able to eat, sleep, function, or anything. They pass though.  Some medication could really help though to keep you from having these anxiety spells.  Lexapro works great, as does Prozac (even though it is mostly for depression, it doesn't seem to help my depression at all but my anxiety.)  If you need fast relief, ask your doctor about lorazepam... it can be highly addictive if taken for a long time, but you can ask to take it as needed.  it is a tranquilizer that works within the hour and really helps you calm down.  

My causes can just be a fulll blown panic attack that leaves me in a state of massive anxiety.  I feel nauseas, loss of appetite even though my stomach is hungry, unable to eat, unable to sleep, burning sensation under the skin in my arms, dizziness, exhaustion, lightheadedness, shaking, constant panic attacks, and so on.  Meds really do work.  And eat more bananas!  Get your potassium levels up. That can help soothe some anxiety.  

I know the causes for me is this.   I have a huge out of control phobia of vomiting (I have never thrown up.)  When I have panic attacks, I feel like I am goin to be sick. and I really thought I was going to be 2 weeks ago. I havn't been able to eat due to extreme anxiety over eating and vomiting.  I'm getting it under control again, but different things cause different episodes.  

Good luck and keep us posted.  Sorry my post was really all over the place. lol

And anxietyjayme.. this is for you.  If your leg is twitching from the lexapro that could mean that it is working!  The twitching should stop.  It is just getting to your nerves.  It could be a good thing, so don't give it up yet!
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OH thank goodness im no the only one.  I have symptoms ALL DAY EVERYDAY for weeks and weeks.  It is seriously driving me nuts.  I thinik about it all the time so therefor it keeps happening and happening b/c thats all i think about.  I have a these "symptoms" and of course i think its death approaching me.  But sometimes i really think something else is wrong b/c alot of my symptoms are different from when i first started having attacks.  Im to the point of "why me?" and im not that kind of person to feel sorry for myself but im to that point.  Im not a bad person, im a good wife, mother, daughter and sister.  Im here taking care of my son all day and all i can think about it is "what is this im feeling, am i dying, is he going to be here alone b/c i have died or passed out or something along those lines.  I love him dearly and i want to be able to take him places but most of the time im afraid to leave b/c of something happening.  Im sorry now im just rambling.  
Life has so many curve balls and i guess this is one of them.  I have had attacks for 8 years now and i have cycles of them coming full force for  awhile and then going away for awhile but i would have to say this is the worst stretch.  I just dont know what to do anymore for myself.  I have tried meds. and i was taken off the lexapro b/c of twitching but im still twitching.  I think that freaks me out the most.  I will be just sitting there and my leg will twitch.  It happens all day everyday and its driving me nuts alon with everything else that i feel mentally and physically.  Well again sorry to ramble.
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When I get a "anxiety spell", mine come on out of nowhere! It usually starts with a panic attack... racing heart, overwhelming sensation, tingling skin... hot/cold sweat... NERVOUS STOMACH! (Bad butterflies). Then my negative thought process kicks in.
After the panic attack passes, I'm usually left with a racing heart and a nervous stomach for DAYS! EVEN WEEKS!

I only seem to get these once about every 4 months. And they are always a living nightmare. I feel like I'm going crazy... I fear I'm heading down a path of doom... and there is no way out of it...

I had to get put back on Lexapro... a VERY MILD anti depressant. Seems to help the mind if I get a spell. And the symptoms I guess too. I also take ativan when needed if I have an attack like this.

So far I've been on the Lexapro 5mg for a little over a month now, and have had no signs really of anxiety!

I know what you are going through... the whole day thing... just keep your head up and don't be scared to try meds if the Dr. wants you to try them.

Therapy is always good too combined with a med! =)

Good luck. You'll do great!
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