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tension pains

back in march, when i quit abusing coke, i noticed that without the release of drug abuse i experienced an uncomfortable feeling tension running up my spine. at  this point it was mild and would only bother me while lying down trying to sleep. but since then it has intensified greatly; at times it feels more like pain than mere discomfort, and i feel it throughout the day (varying in discomfort depending on the level of anxiety i'm experiencing at that time). it seems that it is at it's worst when i'm in bed. it makes it very difficult for me to sleep, focus on my studies or even enjoy myself at times. before the winter holidays i had to miss a few days of school to catch up on lost sleep.
one of the most confusing aspects of this is that before i was put on effexor to regulate my anxiety symptoms years ago, i would experience the worst of my tension pains in my stomach and abdomen, i don't recall ever having back problems. i've tried various remedies on my own (as my psychiatrist is unavailable until the new year). for example, i took up yoga, attempted meditation exercises as well as the anxiety relief tactics i was taught by my psychiatrist, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, robaxisil, tylenol 1s.. the only two things that have assisted with the pain were zopiclone and ativan (which friends have given me upon learning of my condition).
basically, i'm curious to know if anyone has experienced any sort of similar pain, and if you have any recommendations whether they be medicinal or exercise related.
thanks, jacqui.
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Stress can cause pain. I read somewhere that a significant portion of the population's back pain is caused by it. I get quite severe back and leg pain during stressful days. I found that exercise (cardio, stretching, and strength training), proper nutrition, and meditation helps. Good luck!
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