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testicle cancer worried

Im 37 when i was 16 i got operated on right testicle for liquid i think then when i was 22 i went to get my testicles checked out felt pain on one doc told me it looked okay and gave me an ultrasound never went. Went again 3 or 5 years ago felt sometimes pain on right testicle doc checked tgem both said it looked good and said i was fine. Now i havent been too get them checked in 3 or 5 years have appointment in 2 days worried if cancer its too late and has spread. I dont feel any lumps really scared would i be dead by now if cancer spread? Right one has been a little bigger since i got the operation please help?
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I do understand where you are coming from.  You are just nervous.  It feels a little !  paralyzing.  BUT, the good news is that you are about to get them checked!!  Good or you.  Try to stay busy the next couple of days!  It's not been cancer previously and there is no reason to suspect it now.  :>)  Other than your anxiety which is going over the top right now.  Take deep, calming breaths.  Come back when you find out that you do NOT have cancer.  If this kind of reaction is your norm or you are having a difficult time functioning, consider that it may be time to begin working on the anxiety to reduce it.  But if this is just an isolated incident, then let's just get to the appointment as calmly as we can (see?  I'm with you now telling you that you can do it and you are okay) . . . Let us know how it goes!!!
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Ty your right it would have fallen off by now after that long ty.
Ha, hope it wouldn't have fallen off but I think it will be okay, I really do.  What do you do to work on the anxiety?  Are you interested in any therapy or treatment?
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