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I just made an appt for next week with a psychologist.  I had previously seen a masters level couselor...with minimal success.  What do you all look for in someone to help you?  He cannot see me until next week so I'm on my own until then.
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I look for someone who I can feel I can relate to and am comfortable talking to. They need to be able to relate to you as well. Whether they have a masters degree or a PhD the most important thing is your compatibility with them.

I wouldn't go to anyone who I felt belittled or minimized what I was feeling.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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I am actually seeing someone with a master's this time; saw one with a PhD last time.  I think that the right kind of person to talk to you (i.e, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist), is a personal opinion.  It is who you feel comfortable with and helps you along in understanding our particular conditions.  For example, I was hesitent to use a 'non PhD' this time, but the person I am using has worked with anxiety ridden patients in hospitals, is working on her PhD, and teaches at a local college with issues that relate to me.    Personally, I have only had one appointment with her so far, but the main thing is I feel comfortable with her, and I can see that she genuinely cares, and even though I am struggling right now, I am going to give it some time.  
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