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three months of anxiety and symptoms

I'm 17 years old male received unprotected oral sex and started to have symptoms 5 days post exposure till 3 month
2-joint and muscle pain
3-upset stomach
4-sleep problems
and many other symptoms I forget
I the hiv prevention claiming that I had no risk and no need for testing but however I am going to test but I can't right now I need to wait two months later
I need help I am dying because of these symptoms
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The advice you were given on the HIV Prevention Forum was correct.

You had NO RISK and do NOT need to test for HIV, but you should be tested for other STD's.

I believe you are experiencing anxiety relating to this encounter. Once you are cleared for STD's, you can move on with your life. Your anxiety most likely will abate when you get your results, but you can always return to this forum for help dealing with anxiety.

Further concerns about HIV should be redirected to the HIV Prevention Forum.

I wish you the best.
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Hi Mr Ruby I am really having a very bad time and I am going through all this alone and I am so scared
the problem that I am living with my family in a foreign country and I can't take any std test and I am young and I don't know what to do I feel like I am lost in the middle of the sea and these symptoms are killing me day by for the past three month
thanks for your comment but I am really scared I can't resume my life and this year is my last year in the school and I cannot concentrate on it please I need help
I dont think that I have any std I didn't see any discharge or sores
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I'm sorry you are so frightened, but you do understand that HIV is NOT one of the things you need to be scared of, right? You NEVER had a risk for HIV and do NOT need to test for HIV.

May I ask why you can't see a doctor now but can in 2 months?

Are there any free clinics in the country you are currently living in?

Does the school you are attending have a nurse on staff or an infirmary? If so, please talk to them about your situation. They will be able to help you.

If there is no nurse or infirmary, talk to your counselor. He/she will also be able to advise you. If there is no counselor, is there a teacher you trust whom you could confide in?  

You can also post on the STD Forum at MedHelp. They know much more than I do about symptoms of STD's and can possibly help you calm down, which you really need to do!  

I hate to think of you feeling so scared and alone and I hope one of the suggestions I've given you will help. If you can't go to your parents with this, you really need to find an adult to talk to.

Anxiety CAN cause all of the symptoms you've described and many others as well, but when your health MAY be at risk from STD's, we MUST urge you to see a doctor.

Please let me know how you're doing, OK? You may be young, but I believe you're old and smart enough to find a solution.
I wish you the very best
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Hi thanks you are very kind man and very  gorgeous reply
I am living in the middle east and these disease here are like something bad and they will look at me as a bad person
Answers by question order:
1- because me and my family living in middle east and we are from Egypt i can't take take any risk for being deported and  I am waiting to travel back to my country.
2- there are but all with ID and I can't take any risk
3-there are but as I told you they will be frightened from me here it's not like usa
I can't talk to any of my parents I will lose there confident
I posted in the medhelp std and they replied nothing can cause these symptoms
it was my first ever experense to get oral sex but I am afraid maybe I am just unlucky to get it from oral
I will update you by everything I will do now I had found  clinic without ID but I am really afraid from the result but I should do it anyway
million thanks I really needed to talk to one could understand me please don't be irritated from me
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I was thinking to go for testing for all std including hiv in the clinic that I had found they could let me test without ID
the problem that it maybe expensive because they send the samples to UK
and second problem I am scared from the result
and if it came  back positive I will die in my place and no one will belive me about my exposure
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I am sorry you are in a country that has placed you in such an untenable situation. It is not right or fair, but I don't think we should get into the politics.

First, I think you should listen to the people on the STD Forum at MedHelp. These people know a very great deal about STD's and if they thought any of your symptoms indicated an STD, they would have advised you to get tested. They told you NONE of your symptoms was related to an STD. You need to trust and believe them! I believe ALL of your symptoms and your emotional state of mind are being caused by anxiety.

If I am understanding you correctly, you and your family will be returning to Egypt in two months. I will assume Egypt is a far more enlightened country than where you are and you will be able to freely and without fear get tested. for STD's. (You still do NOT need to test for HIV)

Since you did locate a clinic which does not require ID, find out how much the test will cost. It may be less than you think, but you won't know until you inquire. They may also have a sliding scale where you only pay what you can afford. Or possibly you can save enough money for the test.

I understand your fear of a positive result, but understand that all STD's (with the exception of HIV) can be CURED with antibiotics. IF, and I think that is a big "IF," your test did return positive, this clinic would be able to help you find a way for it to be treated.


When you contact this clinic to find out about the cost, ask if there is someone available for you to discuss your fears with.........the people at this clinic are going to be very knowledgeable!

I seldom tell people to Google anything, but you're anxiety I fear is just going to make this so much worse. Visit ONLY such sites as The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic or the NIH...(National Institute of Health) about anxiety. These sites usually have some self-help exercises and breathing techniques you can learn to help you relax.

Do NOT Google symptoms of STD's.

Stay in touch, OK? I won't leave you alone with this.
(And by the way, I'm a woman!)   ;)    
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Hi I am sorry I didn't know that you're woman.
you have a big heart I really needed some help I am crying every day about my silly mistake I was only curious about the feeling to get an oral I wont have any type of sex in my life
I wish my mom understand my fears by the way you did ,but of course I can't tell her anything because she's putting all her confident on me since my father and mother are divorced  
Tomorrow I am going to check the clinic and I will see how much does it costs for full std check including hiv because I really can't take it from my mind am afraid to be the first on to get it through oral  btw aI did saw some people on the Internet claiming that they contracted hiv through oral is right or wrought
I will talk to them in the clinic and take some advise but am afraid they maybe say there's a little risk for hiv and am sure they will say that
I am really bot afraid from any std my only big fears is hiv because its brings
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I posted by mistake with out completing my post
because it brings shame to me and to my family by the way I contracted and our society are not merciful not just like yours
I wish my symptoms is due any thing else or due anxiety
I want to ask about my symptoms they started when I first got obsessed about hiv
at first it started by chest pain and cold feet and hands and on the next day I felt strangr fatigue and after two days I had loose stools and after four days painful joints like burning sensation  especially in the knees , and now I am writing this post with sore thighs and joints I am praying every day that's not due hiv
please consider me like your son I wish that I have mom like you
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Do you have a fever?

With all the symptoms that you have and the chest pain, you may have an infection that needs treating with an antibiotic.

You may have picked up a viral or bacterial infection from the person you were with, or anyone else who has been coughing and sneezing.

I agree that you should get checked out for a sexually transmitted disease.  Although people on the forum do not believe you can get an STD from oral sex, I do not agree with them.  With oral or any other type of sex there are bodily fluids being exchanged, and this is a high risk factor of contacting an STD from someone who may have an active STD.  

Even cold sores that you can get on the lips can be transmitted to someone else who has never had that through kissing.

To put your mind at rest it is a good idea to get checked out by the clinic, but I still feel you need to see a doctor to examine your chest.  The painful chest may be due to being anxious, but with your other symptoms it may be a bacterial infection.  

Book an urgent appointment with a doctor to examine your lungs.

Let us know how you get on.
Best wishes.
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Hi I don't have fever and I don't feel that I am sick
I feel a strange feeling in my body I dont feel my self any more and the oral was brief it was just about minute an half and as I have been searching on the Internet if it was an bacterial or viral infection it would had gone by two weeks and my symptoms are excited since two month and every day I find something new in my body it's so weird
tomorrow I will go and check up with the clinic wish me luck
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Unfortunately some bacterial and viral infections can drag on for a very long time and this all is down to your immune system.

There are also fungal infections and these are treated with antifungal medications.  You can get fungal infections anywhere on the body as well as in the mouth.  Athlete's Foot is a fungal infection on the feet and in between the toes and can be picked up from swimming areas, for example.

I still feel you need to see a general practitioner.

Yes, I do wish you luck and pray that you have no sexual disease.
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today  I did  got to the clinic and I told the doctor about my story
And he advised me to take a full std including hiv all tests will cost 300$ its expensive maybe I will just wait to travel back
and he examined me and he told that I am fine
may I ask question I was searching in this forum
I found many people suffering from same symptoms with out knowing their problems after many testing they don't  find any reason for their symptoms sounds crazy
abd I am really scared to stuck in the same problem for years
sorry my Grammer is awful
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