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tmj caused by anxiety? or tmj causing anxiety...grrr...

Well, just about a week ago or more, one day I yawned and I got a sharp pain on the sides of my head. Hurt like hell, but for only a second... as I closed my mouth after yawning...

It has seemed to gotten better.... but now, it's only on my left side of my face/jaw. When I move my jaw from side to side it hurts near my ear. Almost as if felt like an ear infection... but I've never had an ear infection so I couldnt tell you what one really feels like. lol.

I've been experiencing tiredness... but can't get a good sleep! (maybe b/c of my anxiety).
I massaged my head... and felt my left temple... and it is kind of sore when i massage it... the temple on my right side does not feel sore like this when I massage it.

I'm also experiencing more neck stiffness... and a dull headache throughout the day...

Now when I chew on my left side it's almost if my teeth hurt.

I'm very worried... which is causing me to have anxiety! Which I know, having anxiety probably won't help with muscle tension and jaw clenching etc. Therefore this is prob. a reason why my pain isnt leaving very quickly.

I do have all 4 of my wisdom teeth in. But they have been in for along time. They have never given me any problems.

But I keep having this FEAR that there is something terribly wrong with me, like "what if I have some major infection caused by my gums or teeth?"

I really don't think that's the case... b/c my jaw started hurting 1st before my teeth started hurting...

Can TMJ make your teeth feel like they hurt? or make them feel extra sensitive?

I know there isnt much they can do for TMJ, so I don't wanna waste the money... the only thing they will do is prob. give me a splint to put in my mouth or something....

Also, I'm thinking about going back on Lexapro again... b/c I normally wouldnt something like this bother me as much as it is... most people would say "I have TMJ, oh well... I'm gonna get on with my life and deal with it."

Someone like me over analyzes EVERYTHING... and thinks of the WORST possible scenario.

I've been having trouble sleeping at night... and having weird dreams... and can't seem to shut my mind off... this is why I think I'm having anxiety... and I'm sure it's not helping my TMJ.

My mom said that she had symptoms like that once before when she was younger, but she said it eventually just went away...

Do you think it can just naturally cure itself?

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I also wanna add.. sometimes I get off balance and a little dizzy... could an inner ear infection do this? or fluids on the ear due to allergies etc?
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also... I know I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted at some point in my life... but I hate to admit this... but "I am so scared of this procedure!"

All I can think about is the pain... the anesthesia.. not waking up after it... etc.

Do you have to have anesthesia? Or can they just numb you? My wisdom teeth are grown in... so they should just be able to numb them and pull them right?
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Hi again,

I know you're probably looking for more input other than mine yesterday, but I don't believe I told you that my teeth hurt and are very sensitive.  This is all due to the facial tension and clenching.  

I really don't think you have anything to worry about : )

Good luck!
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You are the best!

I'm honestly thinking it's actually connected to the way I sleep at night... b/c my neck is SO stiff and hurts SO bad! So I'm going to do some serious massaging on my neck this week and see if that reliefs it. Everything is connected in the body... so it could be a neck alignment ordeal as well!
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Honey, you probably grind your teeth at night.  You just don't know it.  So, in a sense you're right about it being the way you sleep.  

Yes, it could be a problem with your neck, but if you have never had neck pain before all this started, then it is most likely the grinding and clenching.    

Another idea.  If you use two pillows at night, maybe switch to one.  I used two pillows to help me breathe better, but that was making my neck sore, so I started using just one again.  I wonder if you sleep on your left side.  If so, try going to sleep on your right and see if that brings any relief.  
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Thanks again! I have a mechanical neck massager I borrowed from my mother... it's really nice... it has the balls that move up and down etc... and it relieved my neck tension... and surprisingly my jaw isnt hurting right now when i yawn etc.

I'm gonna keep up the muscle relaxing/massaging techniques and try to be so tense.

You see I've had a lot happen in the past couple of months... my wife and my child just moved back into our home that caught fire 5 months ago... it's gorgeous and we have all new stuff and upgrades... but it still doesnt feel like home yet... its getting there...

also, i just got a job promotion at my work... and it's paying me graciously... enough to where my wife can stay at home with our child and not have to work. =)

It's a good change... and I'm doing what I love to do, which is video production/editing for branson.com... but it's CHANGE... so much change in the past couple of months...

I'm gonna ride this out... and if i dont feel better... im gonna get back on the lexapro... it might take the edge off for me... and relax me. =)

Peace out Jade59!

You are the best! =)

If you ever need to talk, let me know! =)
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I will tell you, I clench my jaw constantly, and don't even realize I am doing it. I have the same issues, my jaw is always sore. I try to catch myself clenching, and stop, but like I said, most of the time, I don't even realize I am doing it. This can cause ear aches, headaches, pain when chewing, it can wreak havoc on your teeth! My jaw gets extremely tired when I chew things like steak or gum. Try to be aware of it, and see if you can notice when you are doing it.

Good Luck to you!
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thanks kristine9190.
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Have you seen a dentist?  An ear doctor?  If not, you're in the dark here.  I used to have that problem with the jaw, but it wasn't TMJ, it was because I kept getting elbowed playing basketball!  It lasted for years, then after I stopped kung fu and basketball, it went away.  Because I wasn't getting smashed anymore.  But if you're grinding, a mouthpiece from a dentist will help preserve your teeth, which is a good thing.  Now, I have an ear fullness which is irritating, I ended up seeing an ENT and he said it was probably clenching, then I read that Lexapro, which I'm taking in a fruitless effort to recover from Paxil withdrawal, causes clenching!  So it could be anything.  I'd see a dentist.
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i thought  my tmj was a inner ear infection at first also but i went to the dr an no ear infection,. so i havent been back to the drs because of my anxiety an my agrophobia so i looked up on the net about everything i possibly could an i found tmj i have so many symptoms an i went 2 weeks with not being able to literally walk to my bathroom with out feeling i was gonna fall over so i got a mouth guard a sports on to start off with it made me feel so much better  but hen  it was getting to big for mouth so i went with a denteck one an i got so tired of  melting those things so i found a iste that does acrylic mouth guards so i wear it 24/7  
i can tell when im really stressed because my tmj flares up an all i can do is lay in bed  with ice packs to even remotely get ti to settle  down there are some days my anxiety is so bad i my tmj  is so bad all day long but then others im ok with the tmj  just the panic attacks
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