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I became really sick with vertigo...something  I have never experienced....it terrified me! shortly after I noticed I had an internal tremor...my PCP thinks its just anxiety and has prescribed me celexa and Librium...I will say that the tremor has got somewhat better but Is still there....I have only been taking the celexa for 4 days and I kno that it takes up to a month or longer to get into your system.... I have myself convinced that its neurological but my MRI came back good along with my bloodwork....so my question is has anyone else with anxiety experienced these tremors and if so were you put on anti anxiety meds and did they help? if so when could you tell the difference? any answers would be greatly appreciated....im greatful that they are somewhat better but im ready for them to stop fpr good! thanks in advance!
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I too experienced tremors and vertigo, the vertigo only went away with physical therapy as I refused to take medicines for it because it seemed worse. But I was put on Lorazapram for anxiety I have been taking it for 3 weeks now, some days are great and other days I still have the tremors, lightheaded ect, but it's nowhere close to how it was before I was taking it. I read daily anxiety stories to help better my knowledge of what I have. Eventually I hope to get in to therapy to find tools to help me with out the medicines but for now Ive excepted what I have although I have to tell myself everyday that it's all in my mind and Im ok. I do a lot of breathing exercises too. They have helped.
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Lorezapam is for short term anxiety and lasts 6 - 12 hours. There is a discussion on it here. It is also used by dentists  to help patients deal with a procedure that frightens them because it has quick effects. Because of its quick effects, it can be addictive so use it sparingly.

Celexa is for long term use. I took it and got a minor effect around 1 week later  but you need 2 months to get the full effect. It builds in your brain so it is always there helping you whenever a fright occurs, whereas the Ativan user might not have any in their system and get quite a jolt when a fright occurs. One problem with figuring if you are getting an effect from your med is there is no way to measure anxiety - it is up to the poor patient suffering from the anxiety to somehow measure how much better (if at all) they are feeling. Throw in the problems that anxiety levels bounce all over the place and each person experiences different relief from the same med (not like taking a tylenol for a headache where most everyone will get some relief some people don't get any relief from individual anti-anx meds) and you can see how subjective each person's analysis of their anti-anxiety medicine can be.
My sis-in-law explained how dizzy and panicky she gets from vertigo so I can sympathize with your feelings. I hope you get relief.
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I got my script filled at a 24 hour pharmacy so I could reach someone whenever I had a question about my med or anxiety. I talked to the pharmacist every few weeks or even days in the beginning month or so, because the Celexa gave me some side effects and the anx was frightening so I had questions and needed a human.  
It effectively rewires your brain to allow you to continue living your normal life but with a sort of blocker in there to minimize the fears. (That is my unprofessional description.) I still got frightened when a shocker appeared in my life, but it was muted so being familiar with the med's power I trusted it to power me through the fear - I just had a short muted freak out for half a second and moved back on to whatever I was doing before the episode started.

Most Celexa side effects disappear with time but each person is different.
I suggest you get a 24 hour access somehow if possible too, because anxiety can be difficult to deal with especially when you have a valid physical issue causing the fears.
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my tremors have been constant...were yours? I can tell that they are getting better but are still there and have moved to my hands....I have took celexa before but stopped bc I felt better.... I feel like im causing them to be worse bc im always thinking about them....thanks for reaching out and telling me your story
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so tremors are a side effect of anxiety? even when im calm and I don't feel anxious they are there....its been this way for 2 wks now....but they didn't start until after the vertigo.....I was sick for over a wk with that and cried everyday scared that I would never feel better..im thinking that brought on the anxiety
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I didn't say tremors are a side effect of anxiety or didn't mean to. I don't know anything about tremors so don't want to steer you wrong, but it seems from your comments that doc thinks the tremor is not real and just in your head because of anxiety?

Celexa has numerous POTENTIAL side effects but most people only get a few and of those few, most disappear with time. Anxiety makes a person over-analyze their body whenever normal body functions like twitching, itching, ouching etc occur. The over-analyzing is because the anxiety sufferer is searching for clues to a mystery disease - In your case your tremors seem real (from what you posted) but you are over-worrying they mean you have a neurological problem. You used the words "have convinced myself" - do you mean you had convinced yourself and are now accepting of the mri, or do you still fear a mystery neuro disease?

I would not go on a lt med this quickly unless the problem was constant and lasted a while and I had exhausted all non-med solutions like therapy, exercise, meditating etc. On the other hand I can't diagnose you so my advice needs to be taken as just "possibly useful." Here is a list of anxiety options.- It is the second one from the top  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/list/676326?personal_page_id=308570                  ; How long ago did you have the first and last vertigo episode? You say the tremors have gone on for 2 weeks - again a subject I know nothing about - perhaps you should post in the neuro section of medhelp as well if you are not accepting of the medical advice you got because I don't know if anyone here will have a medical background in tremors and vertigo. Write back with info.
I also missed that you are on Librium which is a st med so should be used sparingly. I don't know anything about it.
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I don't think the dr thinks the tremors are just in my head he took my hands and was able to feel me shake....but thinks that its anxiety causing the internal tremors and as well as the ones he could feel....he placed me on the anti anxiety meds to see if this would ease the tremors and told me to come back within a month to follow up and if the tremors were still present to see a neuro...my question was just is tremors a common side effect of anxiety
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Hello and welcome!

I think the million dollar question is, did they ever assess you to try to figure out the cause of your vertigo?  Did you have a viral infection?  Ear infection?  Cold?  Flu?  Were you seen by an ENT?  What kinds of diagnostic tests were done if any?  Can you explain the onset of the vertigo and what symptoms you had?  How was the vertigo treated and has it mostly resolved, minus the internal trembling feeling?  Did the vertigo cause you to feel very anxious?  Do you have any history of anxiety?  How old are you?  Any other significant medical history?  Sorry for the barrage of questions, I'm just trying to gather some more info to better be able to give you some input.

Vertigo is actually a specific condition and it sometimes gets misdiagnosed, a lot of times the term "Vertigo" gets used interchangeably with the word "dizziness", when actually the two are very different.  While ALL vertigo involves dizziness, not all dizziness is vertigo, if that makes sense.  Actual vertigo is the perception that the world around you is moving, and it commonly occurs with tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vomiting and rapid eye movements (nystagmus).  

I look forward to hearing back from you to see if we can make some sense out of this for you, even if just with some educated guesses and suggestions.  If this IS anxiety, it would most likely be caused by your reaction to the disturbing and unnerving symptoms of the vertigo, but until I hear more, I'm not convinced that anxiety is your issue.

Hang in there, glad you found us!  So sorry you are dealing with this!

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the vertigo was brought on by middle ear infections in both ears....it caused many symptoms...vomiting...balance issues....ringing in ears and panic attacks.....none of the antibiotics they prescribed me for the ear infection helped and I went to see an ENT and he said that one ear had cleared up but the other ear had a fungus in it...he prescribed drops and a steroid...my vertigo is better haven't had an issue...it scared me  to death though I cried everyday with the vertigo bc I thought I would never get better....it dehydrated me and I had to stay 7 hrs in the hospital getting fluids....they did an MRI and blood work to rule out anything more serious and they came back normal...I have had anxiety issues in the past...and I took celexa for awhile...I seen my pcp and he seems to think that its anxiety...prescribed me Librium and celexa.....the tremors seem almost not there when I take the Librium....im almost 27
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before this I have never had any health issues! besides common colds and things like that
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