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After a pacemaker surgery I started  having terrible tremors face muscle twitching slurred speech weakness of legs and arms. the diagnosis has been mixed anxiety, stress. poast traumatic stress, bizzare. Paxil made it worse. Ativan made me relax but still had the tremors. Physical therapy and occupational helped to strngthen my muscle and increased my endurance a bit but I am still weak. Now I am on Prozac and Klonopin and still have these attacks. I am seeing a nurse therapist and she doe not know what is causing my tremors. So when I get frustrated I just sit on them or keep something like a rosary or stress beads in my hands and i just learned to live with it even though it is frustrating.
I wish you all good luck and believe  me after reaching my 60th B day. I just live minute by minute not even day by day
and I do what I can do if not I just go on to the next thing. I am talking especially to the young people try to relax and don't worry life is just a joke you either laugh at it or it will laugh at u. God Bless.
I am still searching for a solution, I hope to find it and share with you.
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