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um...wtf? i just had the worst panic attack i've ever had in my life

I'm under a lot of stress right now. I'm moving on Tuesday and i have soo much to take care of. Im incredibly overwhelmed. My mind has been racing non-stop, ive barely been able to sleep because of it. So today i was driving to my friends house and I literally had the worst panic attack I've ever experienced. I wish i was exaggerating but every symptom i experience periodically happened at once. I got incredibly dizzy, i was shaking uncontrolably, i could not breathe at all, i thought i was going to pass out, and vomit. My stomach was doing flip flops and it was insane. I pulled off into a gas station and called my friend and was shaking so horribly i could barely even get a word out to talk to her. I took my xanax and it kicked in but i was still anxious..just not as bad. I still was shaking and a bit nauseous but not anywhere near as bad. What the heck??? Where did that come from?? I've never had every single symptom happen all at once. And now I'm terrified that it will happen again. That was absolutely the worst experience I've ever had. I'm hoping once im moved into my new place this will go away but i cant shake this scared feeling. It scared me so badly. I just want to cry. I've never been so terrified in my life, I really thought i was going to die or something horrible was happening to me. I just need some support and that other people have had this experience before. I feel so scared and alone.
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I really hate you are having these symptoms all @ once but I too have had this to happen feeling like just right now my breathing is going to stop heart pounding dizzy I was shaky feeling but it wasnt visable except my hands and my tummy was in knots ugh it was the worst and it has happened to me several times but it was far and few that they all hit me @ once. I hope you're feeling better soon.
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yeah.. this shi*t absolutely *****. For me, I dont even have a CLUE as to why I have this anxiety disorder or why i have these panic attacks. I'm not under particularly high amounts of stress, not more than the average person i dont think, and BOOM, out of no where, get dizzy, heart pounds and fast like a beast, constriction in my chest, sense of impending doom, and like something horrible is about to happen, i get all shaky and weird, like i want to cough and my body feels like it needs to convulse. so yeah- youre not alone, and the anxiety of course can contribute to your nausea, just how when youre nervous lets say before giving a public speech, your stomach is in knots and you have no apatite. Its so scary.. are you seeing anyone or on any other long lasting medications like ssris?
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Sorry to hear this Erin!  I know you've had so much going on!

Even though you have a good deal of anxiety and panic on a regular basis, sometimes when we have REAL stressors, it just comes to a head and BOOM!  I always think of it as our brains' cruel way of "one upping" us.  Kind of like.."OH!  You thought THAT was bad?  how about THIS??!!??"  It definitely stinks.

I also hope you'll feel better once you get settled in and get used to your new place.  Are you excited about it?  Moving in with the BF?  Are you going to be close to your Mom?  How are you feeling financially? Do you think you're ready, budget wise to have your own place again, or were you still pressuring yourself to move out of your Mom's?  Those issues proabably all are still present to a degree and causing a lot of worry for you.  My advice is always the same....get some help.  You really need to get some aggressive therapy.  I can't recall what you're currently doing (sorry...hard to keep track of everyone)...but maybe it's time to ramp it up?

You'll have to PM me what part of the city you live in, I can't remember if you told me or not.  Some day, we really ought to try to meet up.  We can be nervous together...lol.  If I have to go past Greentree on the Parkway East...I'LL be the one at the gas station.  LOL.  That's the bad route I've talked about.  Right before the Ft. Pitt tunnels I had the most horrendous panic attack ever, and you know there isn't too many places to "escape" there.  I still hate that road, and it has been YEARS!!!

Wish I could offer you more help, just know that I feel for you and know how terrifying that is.  Try to relax tonight.
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I got this horrible panic attack when i went through the west end circle and onto 19/51. I can not even describe the absolute terror i was feeling. It was awful and it was worse because I was alone. I somehow managed to make it to my friend's house. And I managed to eat a slice of pizza tonight even though i have literally no appetite.

We are not financially ready and im having difficulty figuring out how to pay for everything that needs to be paid for. I need money to magically appear but obviously thats not happening. I made a major mistake today of drinking a cup of coffee and then getting a latte from starbucks and eating two cookies for breakfast. Im sure all the caffeine and sugar didnt help the anxiety at all. I can drink coffee like crazy when im not too stressed but clearly when im dealing with a lot of stress caffeine is definitley not the best idea.

And i absolutely HATE the ft. pitt tunnels! People slam on their breaks for no apparent reason and the merge area after the tunnels is ridiculous. I avoid those tunnels like the plague and just get off on 51 and go through the liberty tunnels so i absolutely understand why they make you nervous. I learned to drive in the DC area on the beltway and drove on the freeways in los angeles regularly and never was as nervous as some of the roads in pittsburgh make me.
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Oh and I have been seeing a therapist. Im sure i could afford some better counseling such as some CBT therapy but my insurance has expired and my therapist has agreed to treat me and only charge me the copay i was paying when i had insurance. Once i get settled im going to get in touch with the psychiatric department in western psych and find out about being seen on a sliding scale. I tried to do that last year but my anxiety was so bad i couldnt even leave the house to go to the group and individual therapy i was being offered. But im a lot better off now so i think i can handle the drive into oakland and the elevator ride to the 7th floor of the bellefield towers which i just could not do last year when i was dealing with anxiety as well as agoraphobia.
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what i do when i feel a panic attack like that coming on, i stop everything i am doing close my eyes breathe in through my noise and out through my mouth take the pill quickly and then repeat to myself while still closed eyes and breathing "i am in control of myself you will not beat me"
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