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upper right stomach pain

For the last 2 weeks I've been having at the right stomach pains That travel to my back and hip Burning pain in my back to have more pain in upper right I been having diarrhea for the last week really yellow went to the er the get a cat scan to check my kidneys to make sure I don't have gallbladder stones and did blood work everything came out fine but they found it to centimeter cyst on my ovary I still was not satisfied with the results I went to a different e r they did another cat scan and blood work and a pap smear the bloodwork came out good the cat scan showed no cyst on my ovary I showed that I was backed up full of poop and I got a call from the er on my pap smear results I came out positive 4 strepococcal and then got put on antibiotics I've been googling my symptoms and I'm very scared I think I have pancreatic cancer what should I do please help
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Your pancreas is on the left side, not the right. right side pain is usually gallbladder or appendix.

To really look at your gallbladder, they need to do a HIDA scan, which they probably aren't going to do in an ER. You should go to a good gastroenterologist for a full work up.

I am concerned that you had diarrhea but ct scan showed you are impacted. You may have a partial bowel obstruction, which could be very serious. Again, a gastroenterologist can do a full work up and figure out what is wrong
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I agree, you need to see a good Gastro doc.  Often we can become impacted with stool which won't move and other stool stays in liquid form going around the impaction coming out as diarrhea, all of this can cause the type of pain you are describing.  What did they suggest that you take to loosen up the stool? Call a Gastroenterologist to make an appt. and ask what you can be doing in the meantime to get things moving.  A cyst on your ovary would not cause these symptoms and normally go away on their own.  Magnesium citrate is good for getting things moving as well as Miralax.  Best wishes.
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