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very anxious day......

Got up and had to get ready to go to my fiances friends st patty day party. he said bring my daughter because there will be kids there. and my fiance was also going to be tattooing his friend. i really didnt want to go but said i would and so we went and everyone went to the basement to tattoo but they were smoking pot and i dont like to be around it and plus didnt want my kid anywhere near it so i stay upstairs. i sat there for 4 hours alone and finally my fiance came up an i told him i wanted to leave he said he was still tattooing so he took me to his parents were i still am an i am having horrible anxiety and almost panic attacks :( i dont know what to do. i have no car here and no excape someone please calm me down or give me words of advice.... i feel crazy right now and i want to cry. if i could i would ball my eyes out right now :'( i dont know what to do. please help
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I'll tell you to calm down. Remember, anxious people dont like to be put into situations like this. It is understandable that you feel like you are going crazy.

Just stay calm. The "Pot" thing around the kids really concerns me though. people should have enough sense to keep that away from children. They will most certainly get a contact high from being around it.

Anyway, write back if you need calming
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I know i hate pot and i think that is what set this off so badly :( and i do not WANT my daughter around it. so we stayed upstairs. they all were in basement. i feel like im going to explode. my hands are sweaty my stomach hurts .... i feel tight and tense. i feel like i need to cry to feel better but i cant around all these people :(..... im tryin to calm down.... its very difficult. breathing excersises are hard Because i am verge of crying....
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Just try singing a song to yourself for distraction. Sometimes it is hard to ignore the panic symptoms. I try thinking of another time I had it worse than the situation I am in. Believe it or not, it comforts me to do this.

I did it earlier today when i was very uptight. I thought of a moment I felt worse and everything worked out. It really calmed me down. Try it.
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I tried it an i thought to myself i am sitting here conversating and beforre at a worse time i was going to the hospital. thank u
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Try keeping a journal when you are anxious.  Sometimes it helps to get some of those feelings out then you don't feel so horrible.

The song thing does work too.  Anything that you can do to distract your thoughts should help you.

Try drinking some decafe tea.

Feel better.....
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I finally got to leave his parents an we are on the way home ( hour drive) an derealization ( unreal feeling ) kicking in :/ i hate this feeling and i hate that i cannot concentrate on anything :(  im reminding myself tooday was a stressful day for me and i did good an made it threw and ill make it threw tonight an tom will be a better day. i wish i had more control :( a year ago i was doing so well an it sux so bad im not now :/ bleh
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The unreal feeling really does suck. I had it earlier today. But remember, as weird as this seems, it cannot hurt you.
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