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very sudden dizziness followed by anxiety attack

has anyone here experience sudden dizziness that comes on like lightning out of the blue followed by anxiety attacks?  i can be sitting at my computer and all of the sudden just get a major dizziness attack...it only lasts for a couple of seconds and then goes away...after that though i get really bad anxiety from it because it scares the hell out of me...is this a normal anxiety symptom?  could it actually be part of a panic attack?  uggghhhhh....i hate having this.
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I have been experiencing something similar, I could be driving, or just sitting in class, and I just start getting this out-of-body feeling like I am going to pass out and I feel like a loss of balance and like my coordination is off.  It is really hard to describe.  I usually freak myself out after that because I start thinking about what could be wrong with me.
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if you get panic attacks, sudden dizzines is common.  An anxiety attack heightens all your nerves and is very depleting to your body physically.  From my experience, and I am no expert, I think the dizziness comes from the nerve endings settling down.  I had a panic attack this morning, then I had the strange dizziness walking my daughter to school.  I didn't think I was going to get her school which then just brings on more anxiety.  Horrible, vicious cycle!  I think it's part of the panic disorder.

nsuljic --- I replied to your post twice.  Take a look because you may just have a thyroid problem and not need anxiety meds.  Get it checked soon or you will need anxiety meds
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Yes, I get that type of feeling also, followed by attacks.  It isn't often though, but it stinks just the same.
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I have had panic disorder for a while now, and for me, dizziness is very common. I will feel an attack coming on and I get very dizzy and sometimes it feels like I am going to pass out. It is not fun at all! But, yes, to answer your questions, dizziness is a common part of panic attacks. They can affect people in so many ways
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thank all of you for responding so quickly!!!  this definately helps me a little bit.  it still scares me that it happens, but if so many others deal with it also, it makes me know that i am not alone.  thanks again...
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Are you on any Meds? I get a sudden "Rush" type sensation of dizziness that last just a second or two but is very intense, then the panic, etc.....

I was thinking it might be the meds?
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actually, i am on zoloft....been on it for 6 years...
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I am on no medications and I also get that dizzy feeling plus balance problems.  I was going to have my sinuses checked out but I am thinking it's related to anxiety.  It can be scary, especially when it happens out of the blue, like when I am at church or in a mall.  Sometimes I think that the fear of it happening and me fainting in front of a room full of people brings it on.  Isn't anxiety grand!  
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Hmmmmm... I have been on Paxil (10+ Years) Then switched to Lexapro (Almost 2 years) and Klonopin. So maybe an SSRI thing?

I am actually relieved to see this thread, and know someone else out there gets these things. I get them randomly, sitting, standing, all times and places. Totally random. I have been told it might be the Meds, "Pre-Syncope" an 'almost fainting' type thing. I have been told it is anxiety, and I have been told I am imagining it.

Well, I can tell you it Procedes the panic, and it is real. I get about 1-2 a month, then they go away, then return. It has been that way for years.

Let me know anything you find out about these. They are indeed very hard to have to go through.
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i am also relieved that i am hearing that other people experience this.  naturally when this happens to me i think right away that is it something horrible like a tumor or something.  the rush of dizziness is so intense that it actually makes me almost jump because it happens so fast.  I have been told the same things you have hockeyshark and it still scares the hell out of me...i am going to google some stuff and see what i can find.  (i know, "googling" is the worst thing for people with anxiety to do....but what are you suppose to do when you never get any straight answers from doctors????)
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Yep... and sometimes I get this fainting feeling. I also used to get the out of body experience feeling... that even happened just as I was falling a sleep.  I went with the  sensation and for some reason I no longer have that.  It precedes the panic because we ... panic. If you practice acknowledging them as nothing dangerous.. they will disappear.
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I don't know if I suffer from panic attacks ie no doc has said it's panic but a few months ago I was out shopping and was on my way back to my car when I suddenly became aware that I was staggering back to the car. It was 10 am in the morning and I was afraid people would think I was drunk. It was awful, I could see my car in the car park but I felt like I just couldn't get to it. I was incredibly dizzy and my legs felt like they wouldn't hold me up, I actually sat on the floor in the middle of the shopping centre and not one person asked if I was alright! After a while I got up and staggered to the car, I had pain in my chest although my breathing was ok but I was shaking all over. Eventually I managed to drive home but felt awful. Since that episode I haven't been out anywhere on my own, I always engineer it that either my husband or 22 yr old daughter are with me although I haven't told them about the incident. Does this sound like any of your symptoms and could it be panic. I can't even go to the doc cos I do panic just sitting in a public place.
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