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want to get off Zanax

I would like to ask folks what they have used that helped their anxiety besides the benzo's. I would like to get off the .25 that I'm taking now. Does Paxil work for anxiety? Please share your sucesses over anxiety.
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Check out:

For me, antidepressants were the key to controling anxiety long term. There has always been a place for the 'benzo's' as well, for the panic and 'anxiety surges' but I keep that to a minimum.  
You may find Paxil works for you, it's quite popular.  
Let your doc guide you toward the best solution for you.
hope this helps!  Good luck in whatever you deciide.  
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I agree with MMahon.

Remember taking Paxil for a year before it gave me serious diarrhea.  I felt calmer and handled social situations with ease.  Don't let my side effect deter you: it is a peculiar side effect I have to all antidepressants.

I took Xanax for years, by itself and as an adjunct to an antidepressant.  It is super for fast relief from panic, but not as good as clonazapam for long term relief. It is what I take now.
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I happen to take 4.5 mg. of Klonopin and 90 mg. of Cymbalta -- this combination of drugs has worked for me for a good number of years.  In December my Doctor did increase my Klonopin by .5 mg. because I was just diagnosed with kidney cancer -- which did cause a wee bit of anxiety (cancer free now - thankfully - going on four months now!).  The increase worked pretty good.  I also have Ativan as PRN.  If I happen to begin to get anxious, I can either swallow or place one under my tongue...it does work.  The only side effects I get from the Ativan is it does make my sleepy.  As for the two other medications, I don't really think I had any side effects from either.  I honestly cannot recall since I've been on the medications for almost seven years now.  I do tell anyone who listens to stay far away from Abilify.  I was on this medication for six years and all it did for me was cause me to gain an enormous amount of weight, then prevent me from losing weight.  My Shrink, now FORMER Shrink, refused to listen to me nor to my primary physician...he simply thought I ate too much (no one can possibly gain as much weight as I did in a mere two months by just eating).  I finally was able to get rid of him, not just due to the Abilify snafu but because he never listened to me or my problems instead his sole purpose was to push unneeded medications on people.  I stopped taking Abilify seven months, with my primary physician's approval, before I told my Shrink -- he was not happy with me in the least.  Of course, the same day I told him I'd been off the Abilify for seven months was also the day I fired him.  Thankfully, TeleMeds was FINALLY introduced into our small town hospital and I have an absolutely wonderful Shrink now -- one who actually listens and explains the medications I'm on as well as give advice on non-medication techniques that calm you down (although I do have an excellent therapist who helps me with these problems).

ANYWAY -- this is just the medication I take.  It is also very important to have a competent shrink and therapist, as well as a trusted primary physician to help you through your issues.  Good luck with whatever you decide!
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Thank you for all the suggestions, now I will go do my research. I see my doctor tomorrow.
I also deal with chronic pain so the cymbalta sounds like one I would like to try because doesn't that one help with pain as well?
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