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weakness in legs

I was reading some old forums about leg weakness and I thought thank heavens I found other people who are having
the same problem I am. I have anxiety and panic attacks for quite some time. Lately I thought I had been doing better.
I thought finally I am thru this nightmare. As soon as one things gets settled,another thing comes up. About a month
ago I started getting this weird weakness in my knees and calves like I read someone else did. I also feel like when I
stand up  or walk my legs will not be able to hold me up. It come and goes. It will suddenly appear and than go away
that fast and I feel fine.I went to my family doctor and my circulation and strength is good in my legs. I dont know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions. I feel so alone in this. My family does not understand and it is really
hard on me. You feel validated when someone else knows what you are going thru. Thanks to everyone who took the
time to read this.
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I'm sorry to hear that you are having this symtpom!  It was one of my most troubling symptoms and happens to me very rarely anymore, but for a few years it was a daily occurance which happened everytime I stood up!  The worst time was when I got out of bed in the mornings.  My leg weakness/burning was also accompanined by dizziness/faintness, and only one time did they ever give out on me.  I never had my circulation in my legs tested, but my docs all reassured me that it was benign.  As I resloved my anxiety issues this was one of the first symtpoms to disappear from my "daily anixety symptoms" list.  I'm not 100% yet, and still have anxious days, but have yet to see this symptom return, thank Goodness.  I didn't do anything specific to resolve this symtpom, so I have no advice for relief other than addressing the root of your anixety.  Dispel the anxiety, and the symptoms go away too!  It took me 8 years to get that into my head, but now that I have reigned in the anxiety, I feel little to now symptoms.  I hope this helps you and that you feel well today!

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Doncha hate that? I'll never forget walking up Washington Street one beautiful spring day and WHAM! Legs? Hello, legs, are you there? Legs, this is brain, come in. Do you read me? Legs! Don't make me come down there! Managed to make my way over to a door stoop, rest awhile and then slowly and carefully make my way the next 2 blocks home.

THAT drove me into therapy, with then end result about 2 years later of being free and clear of panic. That was 8 years ago, and I don't expect to ever have panic again. If nothing else, it shows you that at least one person in the universe had had it really BAD -and then found the exit to a life which is free of it.

And like everything else in which I thought I was the only guy who ever did this or that or thought about this or that -as it turns out, I ain't the only guy.

And yes, panic was sort of like an irritating social parasite who imagines itself to be your friend. No matter where you go, it starts showing up. Weddings. Funerals. Dinners out. Driving. Watching TV. The "all-purpose disorder." I'm surprised Billy Mays isn't promoting it along with Ka-boom and his other miracle compounds. Call right now and we'll double your order for free. Oi!

Are you following the script here? Starts out as a really unpleasant surpise, just now and then. Then it becomes more frequent, then it shows up in new ways. At last it moves from irritation to disorder -your LIFE is interrupted by it -you are no longer yourself.

THAT, my fellow traveler, is what we call a "defining moment." Time for treatment. I'm not talking about a "try this" pill from your regular doc. I'm talking about a psychiatrist. Possibly some meds to help control the symptoms, and then THERAPY to root out the embedded anhd probably invisible emitonal and psychological issues -the "bad guys."

Trust me, it works. Or at least trust me, it worked for me. And there will be plenty of others who report that getting the help does pay off. Try NOT to go down a road of just trying this drug, then that drug, then herbal remedies, then nutrition, then ...you get the idea. Go right at it, with therapy and supportive meds as prescribed by your shrink.

Interesting you should mention a symptom list. Scope out my journal about symptoms ("Could it be") and others that may seem relevant. Read them carefully, because there will be a quiz tomorrow morning.

I know where you're coming from, we ALL know where you're coming from. Oh, and one more thing: as long as you are here, PULEEZE actually join the forum, become a member. You will also find opportunity to help others which -amazingly enough- will also HELP YOU. Believe me, we need you as much as you need us.

I'm glad you're here.
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...and another thing: for those in your circle who don't "get it" about the disorder, you will find plenty of material in my journals to help enlighten them. That's why I wrote this stuff. Drawing from the collective wisdom of the members here and my own experience, I have attempted to set down pertinent info on certain matters that come up again and again in our wonderful world of panic and anxiety. Take what you can use, and leave the rest behind.
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Hello fellow weak legged anxious person!  Don't feel alone.  Christmas '06 I could hardly walk, had burning sensations and a myriad of symptoms.  Several MRIs, nerve conduction studies, blood tests, neurologists and a lumbar puncture later - nothing.  The only diagnoses I received were:  1st doc - fibromyalgia (in other words, don't know) 2nd doc - chronic fatigue, pain doc - idiopathic peripheral neuropathy and finally - Shrink said anxiety.  I won't give the long story but, I think my anxiety is the main thing causing my weak calves.  Burning feet - I think is peripheral neuropathy from some combo of anxiety decreasing immune system, allowing nerves to be attacked in my feet by some common viruses I keep testing positive for (HSV-1, CMV, and HHV-6)  Anyway - the more you fret about the wobbly legs, the worse they will get.  Try to just accept as anxiety, get treatment for your anxiety and if all of that doesn't work - then go ahead and try docs like neurology, etc.  But I can almost guarantee 99.9% chance it's anxiety.  Hope you feel bette and join this site, get your own page for support:)

Take care!
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Don't you just hate the weak leg thing!?  I remember going to a baseball game well over 10 years ago and not being able to stand all the way through the singing of the national anthem.  My legs were shaking so hard trying to stand up that I practically collapsed into my seat.  I now always make sure there is something around for me to hold on to even if it is just a wall to lean on while I am standing up.  The funny thing is, if I keep moving, I'm OK.  Once I stop, it can become a problem.  Standing in any line is something I dread, but if there is a wall or a fence to hold on to, I'm somewhat better off.  The first thing I do if I have to go to an event is seek out a chair.  

I've just come in from walking my dog and because it is such a beautiful spring day, there were lots of people out there doing the same thing.  Although I love walking my dog, I'm not comfortable in social situations and dog people love to socialize and talk about their dogs.  This is usually an obvious time for the old legs to start acting up on me, but today, I carried on a conversation with a few dog owners while the dogs played and my legs surprisingly, didn't let me down.  I'm a great believer in cognative behavioural therapy...the more you do it, the easier it becomes and if that doesn't work, then look for a wall or fence to help hold you up...anything that makes you get out of the house and helps you to have a full life.  
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My leg weakness gets triggered by many things, but most often by Orthostatic Hypotension.  That is low blood pressure when getting up from sitting that lasts several minutes and then goes away, until next time I get up from somewhere.  The problem is that I not only get weak in the legs but also dizzy (lightheaded), and a few minutes later I start feeling as if I were drunk.  I do not drink, but if you ever tried to reach out for something and missed or had your legs go this way or that while you were trying to go straight, then you know what I mean.  Some call this Ataxia.  I went to an Ataxia specialist but he refused to diagnose me because I get this in episodes and he has to see me during one.  Otherwise he said, he did not see how it could be anything but Episodic Ataxia.
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