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I SMOKED WEED 5 times and all the times i had a panic attack but the last time i smoked it i had two spliffs to myself and i felt horrible i lay in the corner of my mates room panic and it wouldnt go away untill like 3 hours when i felt really weird like i dindnt even exsist i went to my other friends house got the munchies and went to sleep to wake up feeling the same like drousy and weird and i have felt the same for like 9 months maybe longer and i have been diagnosed with anxiety does anybody know how this can be cured
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Hi if Weed has that effect on you i would never touch it ever again , it can cause Mental Health  issues all the more if you are a Teen ,
Yes Anxiety & Panic Attacks it can cause , Please say No to any drugs , Take care ,
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Every time you've tried it,  you've had the same bad effects from it. Therefore QUIT using it since you already know how it will affect you. It's pretty much common sense in this case.
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Many people get their first anxiety attacks while stoned.  Welcome to a long line of people even on this small forum.  Weed isn't for you.  However, you appear to have developed a chronic case of anxiety now -- the weed most likely brought something out of you.  I'd get to a psychologist asap so you can avoid this becoming a chronic thing of you expecting now to be anxious and attaching it to certain things -- that's what you're suffering from now, it sounds like.
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Ive had this feeling for ages and i have panic attacks

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Hi why not have a talk with your Family Dr , There you will get all the help you need , Please take care ,
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Are you saying you had panic attacks before the incident with marijuana?  If that's so, you need to see a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment and get on top of this.
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