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weight gain

I have been taking Paxil for social anxiety. I get hot very quickly and after any small situation where i am dealing with people, i feel myself going red. Anyhow, i have found they somewhat help my situation, but they have caused me to gain some weight.

I have come off the tablets, do you think i will lose the weight? And is there any similar medication i can take that does not cause weight gain?
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I can understand your frustration at gaining weight while taking Paxil. I gained weight with a couple of the medications I took and had my doctor take me off of them.

I hope you stopped taking your medication without your doctors' permission.

The weight will come off as long as you maintain or start a healthy diet and exercise.

Most of the benzos do not cause weight gain, so you might talk to your doctor about one of them. I've been on diazepam for 4 years with a weight issue.

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paxil caused me to gain 40 pounds which i was almost able to lose through hard exercise and diet but then got pregnant... just work out it will come off, but it may be a little stubborn.
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I just found this forum on the internet and am happy that other people can empathize t  I gained 50+ lbs. while taking Paxil. I am disgusted with my appearance. I'm cutting down and hope to be off of it totally in a couple of weeks.  I notice this major weight gain is reported prevalent across for the board for different disorders treated with this drug.
Thank you.
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I went to this site due to the fact that i have gained about 15 pounds in 2 months, i eat very healthy and even cut out some whole wheat carbs, i workout at the least, 5x's a week for no less than 90 min, i added a 1/2 hour of running to my workouts, no budge, very frustrating, i made an appt  today to get off the paxil, im glad to read the weight comes off, nothing fits. i would rather go off them and lose the weight.
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SSRIs imo do have a rep for weight gain, although they can vary from each person. I took Paxil and gained weight. And to this day I won't take any more SSRIs. I tried other SSRIs as well just to be sure and not be biased.
I been reliant on Klonopin for years now. No more issues with Weight Gain.
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I'm so glad I found this.  I've been on Paxil for about 16 months.  The good news after about thirty days, my depressing was all but gone...I felt like a new man.  However I started to gain weight like crazy, I could eat a pound of food and gain 5 pounds. :)   (U know what i mean)  Now I know why.

I'll have to see if I can switch to something else.
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