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weight loss

has enyone ever experienced weight loss along with there anxiety?? back in january i weighed 198lbs and now i weigh125 which is a good weight for people my size i guess, but that fast. i was told that me changing what i was eating like sweets, fast food, salt and all that can do it,and also worrying can do it, and im really good at that. h*** im worrying right now about my weight!!
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It seems like you lost weight awfully fast, even with a diet change.  There's probably nothing at all wrong, except anxiety and worry, but I'd still be checked out by a doctor just to make sure.  Worrying alone won't make you lose weight, but changing your eating habits can.  Still, that's seventy-three pounds!  I'd still see a doctor, but you're probably just fine.  Good luck! :)
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i did see my doctor and mentioned it to her and she didnt say anything about it really. she did do a basic blood panel i dont know if it was for that or what exactly but it all turned out good.
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yes anxiety can cause you to lose weight, i lost 21 pds in 3 weeks this year. when my body stresses it burns up pounds fast. i also so lost all my b-12 with it so you may need your b-12 checked, i took a shot of b-12 for eight weeks now my dr has me on a b-12 1,000 a day to keep it good , so yes anxiety/stress and diet will cause you to lose weight fast . but i was not on diet just stress so it can cause weight lose all by its self, but you need to be checked by your dr just to be safe.
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what exactly is b-12 and what does it do?? sorry not all that smart when it comes to that stuff!! lol
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If you saw your doctor and your blood work was good, then I'd just be glad the weight is off and I'd keep it off.  Don't worry about your weight!  At least one good thing came from anxiety. :)  Good luck with everything else.  Don't worry about the weight, okay?  Slimming down made your health better.
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When I developed anxiety 7 years ago I weighed 220 lbs. (female 5' 7") and within 8 months I had lost 60 lbs WITHOUT diet change!  I developed anxiety after my fathers passing and the resulting health anxiety caused me to slowly change my extremely poor diet habits.  I now eat very healthy but rarely ever exercise, although I am a mother of 2 small children which keeps me fairly busy.  I am now down to 112 lbs which worries me terribly.  I have had my thyroid checked and all comes back just fine (within range) and my docs all say it's anxiety.  But I still can't help but worry.  I have noticed that when I experience several extremely anxious days in a row I will begin to shed even more weight, like 3 pounds in 4 days!  I am a breastfeeding mother and it is really hard to put the weight back on.  I have found that I am super-sensitive to refined sugars so I was avoiding them like the plague, but in the passed few weeks I have been able to stop the weight loss by consuming a natural sugar with a healthy fat in the same meal.  Your body will burn the sugar and store the fat, at least that is the theory and it's working pretty well for me so far.  I hope this helps you and that you felt well today!

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thank you so much i think that really does help, you sound alot like me in that catagory!! thanks again!!
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