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well it is Anxiety and More

have had Agoraphobia for Year and at one time I could not walk out of my house with out One of My Safe People...Now about 8 years into this Illness I was able to learn how to go into the Grocery store and such...With a safe person. And Soon to the ones by my house, Alone even....so I made a safe area around me and I have Moved a Few times and I had to start all over.

Now I have to tell you that I think I have Posted here before, Not sure...But I don't Really talk to anyone about My Agoraphobia..I never really have shared it with many. I just call it my Anxieties or My Depression..I don't know why I just always have.

Now I am 38 days Off Methadone, That I used for the Pain Problems I have had. I'm telling you this because I want to give the Full Pic of whats going on with me.
So All My Feelings and Depression and Anxieties and OH YES My Agoraphobia is Full Bloom...Just kind of out of control.

Now I have started to have a hard time with People and not wanting to be around people...but I also know in my heart that I would like to be around People and I do have a Good Time , Most the time when I do get together with People.
But I hate to say I hate to go out..I hate to even walk out the front door..My Husband is trying to help me to even get out side and sit on the front Porch..  He set up a T.V. Tray and brought out my Laptop and let he did work in the yard and I sat there...I did not play on the computer. I just felt Out of Place out there...I use to work in the yard allot ...Now that was years ago and every year it got worse...to ware I'm ware I am at now...Don't talk to people much on the phone or in person don't drive don't Go outside of my own home much.

Which also means I don't get enough walks in or anything like that....and I also Know I'm living a very lonely life. But at times I love to be alone and Miss it...I will Lock myself away and keep everyone out..........Ah and I'm a mom

OK I will stop to let you write me back I hope
Thanks so much

I want you to know I posted this over in another Group but there seems to be No one on that. So I'm posted here also..
Sorry I'm
I don't know how to work the site that much. I'm spending more time learning...Love anyone's help..
thanks Me
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I don't think there's much doubt that you are suffering from classic agoraphobia and anxiety.
There are lots of folks on this forum who also deal with this disorder and hopefully they will respond with additional advice and support.
I can only say that you need to get yourself into therapy and work on getting your life back. I know this is a very difficult disorder, especially when you can't even get to a therapists office, but there are some therapist who will come to you. Or perhaps with the help of one of your "Safe People," you could find a therapist not too far from your home.
Your husband seems very supportive, maybe he could help you find a therapist?
You are missing out on so much in life............I hope you will think about therapy.
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