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wellbutrin for anxiety

I have just been put on wellbutrin for my anxiety.  Was hoping to hear if anyone else has been put on this drug and how well it worked or didn't work.  Thanks.
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haven't taken it myself, but it's usually used for depression, not when anxiety is the primary concern since it's considered a stimulating anti-depressant.  Because of this, you might get more responses from the depression forum, but we'll see.  It's main use with anxiety sufferers is when an ssri causes weight gain and/or sexual side effects -- then wellbutrin is sometimes used to help mitigate these side effects in combination with the ssri.  Of course, everyone responds as an individual, so the general experience might not be yours, but I would double check with your psychiatrist to make sure he or she understands if your main problem is anxiety, not depression.  Good luck whatever you do.
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Hi there -

I took Wellbutrin back in 2006 when my depression was so bad, I couldn't get out of bed or function normally. I was sleeping and eating too much, it was terrible.  The drug gave me back my energy, zest for life, and I went back to normal within a few months.  The only side effect was nervousness, anxiety, hyperactivity.  

I don't understand how a doc would prescribe it to treat anxiety ;(  it only makes it worse!
but for deep depression it works wonders. Just my 2 cents.
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thats what I was thinking, I think it has actually helped some but not much at all.  I will give it three weeks and if I still have anxiety will go back to the doc. I am just seeing my GP do I really need to see a psychiatrist??
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It's up to you but GP's are not very well versed in psychiatric drugs and treatment.  I know more then my GP does about it he..he...but a good psychiatrist is well trained and knowledgeable, I'd highly recommend you to see one.

It took me a while back then to get over the stigma of seeing a "shrink" but it was well worth it.  Good luck!
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