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what is the difference between Conversion Disorder and Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

I would like to know if anybody knows the difference between Conversion Disorder and Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures
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Hello.....Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures  are a symptom of conversion disorder. Unfortunatley my daughter has conversion disorder and experineced them.
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I have just got back from seeing a doctor who has worked and trained with the top 3 specialists in the world on conversion disroder and Epilepsy.
  People, if you have been diagnosed with conversion disorder, make sure they do a VIDEO EEG.  It must be a VIDEO EEG.  These little eeg tests they do are not valid for conversion disorder.  A Video EEG is a test that is done as an in patient in a hospital or center and takes between 4 to 7 days to do.  Do not settle for any thing different and please do not let  someone convince you that don't need it.  THat would be false. You must have the Video EEG.
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What will a Video EEG do for you? What are the benefits?
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Here’s something to stimulate your mind: A new psychological phenomenon has emerged. Cases are seen in something called psychogenic autism (factitious disorders) where the persons either deliberately feign being autistic or they really believe they are autistic. Normally, you find this in people who have taken large amounts of LSD type drugs, combined with a severly abusive past, thus resulting in a very mixed presentation of whatever it is they feel will bring them the most attention and nurturing. Autism is popular today, so many mentally ill persons are adopting this persona. Mainly, because few, if any professionals or media will challenge such a diagnosis after even a less than competant professional duped by the complexity of the presentation—validates it. Ooops, than it becomes a save face issue, where neither the media or the professionals (not to forget publishers who publish stories that later turn out not to be autistic people) involved in the faulty diagnosis want to be embarrassed. This is unfortunate, as this does a great disservice to the autism community in general. Recall the Amanda Baggs controversy and the case of Ms. Donna Williams. You Tube has a recent video out discussing some of this I’ve mentioned. It is on you tube under the name, “autism spectrum seems out of control” and another video named, “autism epidemic out of control.” The video has most definately hit on something few outside psychoanalytical or psychiatric circles, have even noticed

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