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what to do / how to know

how do I know if my anxiety is normal or if I need to talk to a professional about it?  
i am 25 and most of these things started in college. i have had different symptoms over the years that come and go such as:
i used to count my steps but i don't do that anymore...
i have irrational fears that i know are irrational but i can't help feeling that way
examples: (hypodermic needles (even photos of) & making phone calls to strangers (including making dr appointments and even ordering pizza scares the **** out of me)
if i have a lot of things to do at once i am easily overwhelmed and either lash out or cry so i make check lists and keep calenders to organize my thoughts and tasks for the day.
i used to obsessively do books of sudoku puzles to occupy my mind so i didn't think about something that was particularly stressful.
i used to pull out a couple strands of hair everywhere i went so that if i was kidnapped or something there would be a trail (i don't think i have ever admitted that one to anyone before)
i pick at my skin. ingrown hairs, pimples, peeling skin, plucking hairs, other peoples' skin.... it goes on and on.
the most disturbing physical symptom is that in times of extreme stress my arms go completely numb slowly down to my fingers then i get a shock like feeling back up my arms.
i also have a strange running dialogue in my head almost like talking to myself unless other people around so i don't like to be alone.

i think there are a few more but those are the most pressing.
also i don't feel all of these all at once.  different things happen periodically depending on the situations that come up in my life.  are any of these things normal or just bad habits?  am i just over thinking this?
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oh, i forgot something...
if i'm going to see a Dr. about this how do i go about it?  can a regular doctor refer you to a psych doctor or do you find a psych Dr. on your own? would I have to go to sessions for this?
thanks for reading my ramblings.
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it sounds to me like you might be OCD. What yo do is you just explain this all to your doctor, then they will refer you to either a Psychologist, or a Psychiatrist, the only difference is that the Psychiatrist can give you medication if they think it will help. and there is not really any normalcy for Anxiety. Everyone's can differ. A lot of people on here are really anxious about their bodies, like they think they are having heart attacks and stuff, I, on the other hand, am just anxious about having another panic attack. So maybe get some books and read up on it. that might help you.
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