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what to do????


i have suffered from anxiety now for nearly 10 months, i have tried CBT, talk therapies and vistis to my GP however i have been reluctant to try medication.  i do feel my anxiety has been alot better since these therapies however it still does bother me alot and "lingers" through out the day.  i have also noticed that i find it hard to enjoy the things i used to like going out with friends, and socialising and i am not myself anymore.  im now thinking maybe i should try medication but i am a bit worried that 1, maybe do more harm than good (dont know why i think that) and 2 do i reallty need it?  just looking for any advise really?  thanks
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Well, the fact that you are doing therapy already is a good sign...there are other things out there that help, too, like exercising, proper diet, relaxation/meditation and yoga, and some of these have worked wonders for a lot of people.
But, for some people, medication is a neccessary part of their recovery...I, personally, just started taking Celexa, (this is the beginning of my third week) and while I did have a few rough moments at first (dry mouth, some nausea, increased loss of appetite) I am still hopefull that it will help me deal with the problem by taking away the excess anxiety and allowing me to learn how to deal with it.
Again, medication seems to be different for everyone...I have a lot of close friends and family who have suffered from anxiety & depression, and meds have helped a lot of them deal with their issues. Medication isn't neccessarily going to cure all of your anxiety, because some of your issues are behavioral when you suffer from anxiety, but you should know that for a lot of people medication combined with therapy really do help.
Talk to your doctor or a psychiatrist to see what your options are.
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Thanks for your help, i do do alot of exersises and relaxiation techniques and it has helped greaty, my anxiiety has eased alot compared to the early stages, and to be honest i still live a normal life its just that my anxious thoughts throughout the day do bother me and when i have a bad day it feel like its never going to end its so draining. i understand medication will not cure the matter but im hoping that it will help in my recovery,  i have another session with my therapist tommorow so i will see what she says, but again thanks for your advice!  hope your doing ok and i am sure will will get through this!
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