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what type is this mental disoder ?

i am overthinking everyday and i fear of everything.i like to immiginate and then i get anxious and fear.what is this ?
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Hi.  That does really sound like anxiety disorder.  Everything is bad and impending doom type of thinking?  Well, I need to say this.  Everyone has anxiety.  Literally everyone worries and sometimes for no good reason.  But they cope and move on.  That's not so much a disorder as just is what it is. However, it becomes a disorder when it hampers your life.   Does this impinge upon your daily life?  Do you feel crummy because of it regularly?  
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i fear of everything. i alway think about bad thing gonna happen, i worry every step. Could you please tell me, what is this ?
i took the medecine that doctor gave me,but i don't know what type of medecine. I often have bad headache and terrible thinking and fear when i withrawal it .
What you're describing at first sounds like an anxiety disorder.  But when you mention medication and this happening after you stopped taking it, that can be from abruptly stopping certain medications.  Were you like this before going on the medication, did it start only while you were taking it, or did it start only when you stopped taking it?
i am normal before taking it. When i start to take it my mood chang and when i stop take it i had a bad headache and terrible thinking and anxious and fear of everything.
Is it schizoprenia or phobia ?
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Schizophrenia has really specific characteristics and I don't really sense that from what you are saying.  And phobias don't really seem to fit either.  Anxiety seems likely.  But it is really important for you to find out what medicine you took.  Can you call and fine out?  That would be helpful.  You took it just once?  Or you were taking it?  Or you take it all the time now?  Was it a pill? shot?  You as the patient have a right to know your health record so I'd call the place where it was given or the person who prescribed it and find the name.
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i'm taking these medecine for 2 years now,and  i often skip it sometime and take it back.i were normal before taking it.my symptom start when i'm taking and withdrawal it.
i think i am obsessive compulsive disorder. i alway count thing .have a terrible thoughts. worry about everything. does disorder cure ? Please help.
Look, we're not experts here, just fellow sufferers, but what you are describing is a bad reaction to medication.  There are two bad reactions to a medication -- one is getting side effects while you're taking it.  This apparently happened to you, as the changes you're describing started when you started the medication.  Lots of meds have as a side effect causing anxiety, and if what you're saying is true, that happened.  If you reported this to your doctor, he should have tapered you off the medication as slowly as you needed to and tried something else.  A lot of drugs can cause anxiety, including antidepressants and any med that is stimulating.  The second way to get what you have is to quit medications that affect the brain abruptly.  This can cause a very bad withdrawal.  For some, this goes away after a couple of weeks, for some there is no withdrawal at all, and for some there is a severe withdrawal that can last a long time.  It depends on the person, how much the drug affected you while you were taking it, and how long you're on it.  If you take a medication like this, you can't start and stop like you're doing, if you're going to take it you have to take it regularly and if you want to stop taking it you have to taper off of it as slowly as you need to until you successfully stop.  Again, if your description of events is correct, and we weren't there, you have neither an anxiety disorder nor schizophrenia, you have a reaction to a medication, because you say you had no such symptoms of anxiety before taking the medication.  
Now, let me add, as I should have, that you might indeed have an anxiety problem now, even if you stop the medication properly, because it's possible your brain is now accustomed to thinking in an anxious way.  To stop doing that a form of therapy called CBT would probably be the best thing if indeed you had no anxiety problem before taking the med, because taking medication for a problem you don't naturally have but was created by medication might just do it again.  Presumably, after you're been off the med for a time, your brain will learn to operate normally again, as, and again, I can only go by your description of events, anxiety isn't a problem you were necessarily born to get.  
i'm not sure what type of medecine i'm taking.is it antidrepression or substace drug.when i take it i feel good and when i stop it i get a big problem.my brain does't stop thinking. terrible thought and immigine everything wost . I have a obessive copulsive disoder symptom, wash hand often , counting thing. and i alway check everything around me.
Who gives you the medicine?  Why are you unaware of what medication you are taking . . .   I'm not sure I'd be trying to diagnose yourself before you just ask questions of your family, your doctor, etc. about what they are currently treating you for.  
I mean, you went to the doctor for some reason, right?  I'm assuming the doctor reacted to what you told him.  If you have been diagnosed by a competent professional -- which would usually be a psychologist or psychiatrist -- that you have OCD, and you don't have it when you take the medicine but have it when you don't, that's because the drug is working and since you haven't solved the problem in therapy, drugs don't cure these things, they only suppress the symptoms, so when you stop it's still there.  Look, the info you've posted here is conflicting -- you say you had no problem before taking the medication, only after, which would indicate the medication gave you side effects.  You indicate stopping the medication causes the problem, which would indicate withdrawal.  And now you indicate you do indeed have a diagnosed condition, OCD, which is a different story altogether.  Whether someone needs medication or not depends on how severely the problem is interfering with their life.  If you're functioning but have a problem you try therapy usually.  Medication becomes necessary when you're not functioning well.  The first thing you need to do is what Mom keeps asking you to do, which is talk to your doctor and find out what you're taking.  Sometimes doctors give out samples, and we don't know which country you're in and how sophisticated or regulated the medical profession is there, but when you get a prescription almost everywhere it comes in a bottle that is filled at a pharmacy, not in a plastic bag from a doctor.  What you can get that way are herbal medicines sometimes, but not prescription drugs.  On the bottle of a prescription is not only the name of the drug but the assigned dosage and when to take it and sometimes whether to take it with food or not.  In the first prescription, you get a long description of all the known side effects of the drug,  So again, you need to find out what you're taking, and if you want any help from anyone, including here, you need to explain exactly how you came to be given medication or else nobody will be able to do anything but what we're doing, which is guessing what might be going on.
I went to hospital today and i met with a mental doctor. He check the medecine and he said all are fine.but he still unclear about those medecine' name.
i have a hallucination .wash hand often.check thing first before open.sometime i turn light on and off . repeat phrash .i have never do like this before.my symptom started during and after taking medecine.
I'm just repeating what's been said, but if starting the medication started the problem, the medication should have been stopped as soon as this happened.  What you still haven't described is why you went to the doctor in the first place and why the doctor felt medication was necessary for you.  I also don't understand how a doctor at a hospital can tell you a medication is fine if he doesn't know which medication it is.  We still have no idea what country you're in and the quality of the medical system, but it's hard to imagine any country having prescriptions that don't come in a bottle with the name of the drug on it, the dosage you're to take, and how to refill the prescription.  Again, they come with an insert that tells you what the side effects might be and what toxicity it might have -- for example, some meds require regular visits to get your liver enzymes checked because they can potentially damage that organ.  None of this sounds normal, and I'm wondering why you didn't ask at the hospital what the name of the drug is or why you don't ask your doctor what the name of the drug is.  You can Google any drug and find out a whole lot more about it than your doctor probably knows.  Without knowing why your doctor gave this to you in the first place and why you should keep taking it if it's had this profound an effect on you adversely, the whole thing sounds very odd, but nobody here will ever know the full story, only what you're saying here.  
i did't have any anxiet before taking medicine,but i had a stomach problem and met with a previous docor.he gave me a medicine and he added a mood medicine.after 5 months i took it my stomach get better,but brain problem,terrible thought,strang behavoire and fear .i went to a hospital amd met with a new doctor,he diagnosis me with an anxiety similar to OCD.he check the medicine i were taking and he said those are fine,but he does's know medicine' name.
Now i' m withdrawal all medicine. does my brain turn normal ? anxiety is not my natural .it cause by medicine i'm taking .
You can't just stop these meds cold turkey.  You need to taper off of them as slowly as you need to, or you risk withdrawal problems.  The best thing for you to do is get a psychiatrist and tell him what happened and that you want to safely stop this medication.  It's very odd to be put on what sounds like an antidepressant to treat stomach problems, as these meds often cause stomach problems as one of the most common side effects.  If you want to stop a drug you've been on for what you say is 2 years, you must taper off of it slowly for best results.  And again, it is beyond reason that a doctor can tell you a drug is fine to take without knowing the med's name.  It is beyond reason to be diagnosed with OCD if in fact this only started when y0u started a medication.  I can keep saying this, but you're the one who has to do something about it.  If you truly were caused to get sick by taking a medication, you should have told your doctor what was happening and stop right away.  You didn't do that, and now your brain is used to taking it.  It will take some time most likely to get used to not taking it.  And because you are now used to thinking like an anxious person, even if it was caused by medication it might be part of your thinking patterns now, which would indicate therapy to treat that.  But if you quit cold turkey and you are still anxious or even more anxious, it can be because of withdrawal symptoms, and you won't know what it will really be like to be off the medication.  Please, get a psychiatrist you trust and taper off as safely as possible so you can put this nightmare behind you.  Peace.
I went to a hospital and i descript my symptom.my doctor gave me Zoloft. does zoloft cause stomach problem? and also i want to gain some weight.does it cause weight gain ?
Side effects are different for everyone, so nobody can predict if it will bother your stomach or cause weight gain.  Some people gain a lot of weight on Zoloft and some don't.  No idea what will happen to you.  I also have to say, it would be a very good idea for you to slow down, get a psychiatrist of your own, stop getting care at hospitals -- they don't do long-term diagnosis or treatment, they only treat urgent problems and then send you home to find a professional to deal with it long-term.  You seem to be rushing into another antidepressant without knowing how you'll react to stopping the one you've been taking and without knowing if you need one at all.  But it's your life, not mine, and I hope everything works out in a way that makes you happy.  Peace.
i think a previus doctor gave me a stimulate dedicine,not antidepression. these stimulate medicine cause my brain problem,anxiety disorder. Will i turn normal if i stop taking it ?
We're doing this again, I tell you something, someone else tells you something, and you ask the same question again.  At some point you have to do something and not just stew over it.  So once again, if you got a problem only after you started taking a medication then it's likely the medication was the cause of your problem.  If you were taking a stimulant, then anxiety is one of the most common side effects.  We still don't know why the doctor gave you the medication or why you went to the doctor.  We don't know the medication.  So there's a limit on what anyone can tell you.  Again, if you taper slowly off the medication and do it safely and you don't go through any withdrawal from it, that's when you'll know if you'll be fine if you stop taking it.  Nobody can tell you what will happen beforehand.  Because you've been thinking like this for a long time, even if you stop your brain might keep thinking this way.  I don't know.  Nobody knows.  But if your problem was caused by medication and not by something going on in your brain, then you can only cure the problem by stopping the medication that is giving you these side effects, if that is what is in fact happening, something else we can't know here.  
thank. i need more information.if i stop taking these stimulant or adhd medicine.how long does it take for chamical out of my brain ?
That's not relevant information.  For one thing, no medication stays in the brain for very long.  Where it might stay is if it's something the liver stores.  But what makes stopping these meds hard isn't the length of time it stays in the body -- actually, most of these are very quick to leave the body, it would actually be easier to stop if they did stay around for awhile because that would allow the body to taper off slowly itself.  But even then, the real problem is the profound effect drugs have on the way the brain normally works.  These meds alter that, and so when you stop, the brain has to learn how to operate naturally again.  Sometimes that happens quickly and easily and sometimes it's very hard, it just depends on the person and some other factors, such as how long you've been on it, how old you are, etc.  That's why better to be safe as you can be doing it.
i have a delusion,terrible thought cause by drug. i were on this drug for 2 years without knowing kind of this drug. fist i thought it is antidepression,well it's not.it is a mood stabilizing,stimulation drug. Does this delusion go a way if i stop taking it ? and how long ?
I have no idea.  Nobody does.  We can go on like this forever if you like, but you need to see someone who can actually help you.  If the drug caused this problem, and again, you've never said why you went to the doctor in the first place, why the doctor thought it necessary to give you a medication, or what medication you were given.  Without any info, we can't help you, and we're not medical professionals.  Go see a psychiatrist and get help.  I'll say this one more time -- if the drug caused the problem, stopping the drug is the only way to get rid of the problem, but you can't just stop these kinds of meds, they have to be stopped slowly.  And I'll say this one more time, when you have a way of thinking for a long period of time, and this was two years, it's possible stopping the drug won't stop the way you're thinking now, your brain might be used to thinking that way.  Because it was drug-induced, if that's in fact true, and I don't know that's in fact true, you would need a two-step process -- get help getting off the med, and then see how you feel if there is no withdrawal problem.  If you're fine again, then you're done.  If you're not, you probably want to get into therapy, because if it was drug induced you don't really need medication, you need to get over what the drug caused.  But this is always going to be hypothetical every time you ask because you don't seem to know the facts of what actually happened.  A good professional might be able to help, or might not, it's not a magical thing seeing one, but at this point, you describe a certain situation but you describe it in very vague ways that make it hard for us to know what actually happened.  Again, there was some reason that doctor decided you needed to be on a drug and some reason you went to see that doctor that may have caused him to conclude that.  You haven't said.  You also say you got unmarked pills for 2 years, and I don't know what part of the world you're in or what kind of doctor you saw but nobody on this forum is going to understand how that could happen.  Peace.
Thank so much
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