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what's going on with me?

I keep feeling as though there is something medically wrong with me. I've been to the e.r. several times & nothing was found. I keep getting numb all over & I feel as though I'm going to pass out. I've also had chest pains, shaking, & sweating. I've had anxiety since childhood & am now 23. I broke my foot a month ago & the past few weeks have very difficult mentally. Im not sure if I'm becoming depressed or if something is really wrong. Nothing seems to help. Crying is the only thing I can do lately.
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i deal with this too. i constantly think something is wrong with me and I'm dying. I work myself up so much to the point where my heart is racing as if i just ran a marathon. i take .25 mg of xanax when i have these attacks and am also looking for an everyday medication to start since lexapro made me gain 30 pounds.
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It's nice to know I'm not alone. My doctor suggested an antidepressant to take daily, but I don't like the idea of it. My anxiety was under control up until recently. I think i might try seeing a therapist to see if that might take some weight off of my shoulders.
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Have you  tried doing a daily meditation? I have a cd that I do at night right before bed and I do find that it helps a lot.
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