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whats the best medication?

I finally made a doctors appointment for the 21st!!!!!!!! Im so scared yet very excited at the same time. I dont know anything about meds and I get anxiety BAD, I shake all over and turn red cant focus hyperventalate...etc. What would you say is the best medication to calm my nerves throughout the whole day so I dont go into panic mode...I have heard that xanax helps calm you right down in the midst of an attack, but I need something that will just calm my nerves throughout the day??
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I suggest xanax or ativan but not antidepressants unless you want to gain alot of weight and lose your sex drive and then when you go off good luck with the withdrawels.
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I'll offer my congradualtions as well that you are taking steps to get this insidious disorder under control.
It is really beyond the scope of any of us on this forum to advise you as to which medication is going to be the best for you. My advice would be for you to spend some time reading the posts here and see just how many different opinions there are out there. We all react differently to meds, so what I think may be the "best," may in fact, be the "worst," for you. My one hope for you is that you get with a doctor who is very familiar with the many different benzos out there. So many doctors only know what the drug reps have told them and the end result is that we, the patient, end up in trouble.
Xanax, as you will see, is one of the main topics on this forum for very good reasons. One misconception you have about Xanax I'd like to clear up right now is that Xanax will NOT stop an anxiety/panic attack in it's tracks! There is no medication on the market that will do that. It takes Xanax at least 20 minutes to get into your blood stream, at which point, your anxiety attack will no doubt be long over by then. Xanax is also used for short term therapy only. No more than 4 months. After that amount of time, it will lose it's efficacy and will do nothing to help with your anxiety. It is also a very difficult and sometimes dangerous medication to taper off. Drugs like Klonopin are much more effective for the long term. I am not dissing nor endorsing either of these drugs. I just wanted to let you know, as a sort of "newbie," that there are many drugs out there for anxiety and that is why you need a doctor who is well versed in their usage. I would also strongly suggest that while you are discussing meds with your doctor, that you talk about getting into some form of therapy. Anxiety happens for a reason, even tho the "attacks" can come out of the blue, the underlying cause of the anxiety has always been there. Until you deal with THAT, taking pills will only mask and prolong your condition.
If you spend some time reading the posts here, you will see what I mean about just how many meds there are out there and all the different opinions and experiences of those of us who take them.
It is a very good idea to get educated before you see your doctor so you can discuss the various meds with a good bit of knowledge. Please stay off the net and all the "pharmacy" sites out there. Most of them are sponsored by the drug company, and the info you get is totally skewed in each meds favor. To find out the questions you need to ask your doctor, read the posts! And if you have more questions, post us again!
Good luck!
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Congrats! That's a big step. He will decide what type of anxiety you have. Xanax is a fairly potent anxiety med. Please make sure you talk things over with your doctor. Everyone is different as to what is needed and what they will respond to. Ok?
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