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whats wrong with me?

I know i have bad case of anxiety to point I can't eat front of people . I go home and eat. I never been to a bar to many people. my dreams aren't helping.People say dreams are fake don't listen to them. But my dreams are real.i look them on google there real. I had dreams about war like i was there watching it i google it.its same field same outfits in my dreams. I was in school . they speaking different language I understand it in my dream. I google the school name its real has been closed since 1940s  .they speak that language .I am i see stuff  from the past in my dreams. I was told I just depressed im this im that. question is why my dreams are real from the past.its like looking through someone else's eye. is that part of depression or i'm loosing my mind. I don't know anymore.what im feeling in my dream i wake up feeling that way.im scared i wake up scared. few time i wake up were am i .then i look around im in my bed or on couch or on floor .
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Please, anybody who reads this, do not jump to conclusions,
because you are not familiar with such concepts.

Well, outofthisworld, there's likely something going on in your subconscious which relates to a real situation.
Your fear in this case and perhaps a part of your depression might be be ways of dealing with the fact that there's likely unfinished business of some sort from the past, relating to you.
If I were you, I would seek a very good therapist, who practices regression and hypnotherapy, to help you shed some light to this mystery with some explanation and perhaps treat your fear, depression and also your variant of agoraphobia/social anxiety.
Need more details on this, please send me a pm.
Best wishes,

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