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when does anxiety become a problem

new to forum so any thoughts would be helpfull
i have anxiety just not sure how badly i have it --i seem to all of a sudden in the last 2-3 months finding myself uncomfortable in certain situitions like being in crowded places and driving i know i had sort of a panic attack a while back while shopping  don;t know why it just happened that really frightened me and i did go to my doc who gave me xanax to take only as needed but this is all new to me --should i be taking them everyday if i feel on edge 50% of the time--i dont like taking meds but i dont like feeling the way i am now as well --kinda scared

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Welcome to the forum!

Someone who is new to anxiety is naturally frightened, especially after having a panic attack.  It affects you deeply in most cases.  It is scary!

The great thing so far is that you seem to be very aware of how you are feeling, that it is affecting you, even if minimally at this point...and that you have sought some help, both by going to your doc, and by coming here.

MY advice to you is to start addressing it now.  It is pretty common initially to basically try to "shake it off" and "forget about it".  Unfortunately, usually the more you try to do that...the worse it can become.  

In my opinion....have a sit down pow wow with your doc...express your concerns and that you want to "nip this in the bud" so to speak.  The Xanax can be helpful...but it is really only effective as a short-term treatment,,,and the most useful way to take it is "as needed"...meaning when you are feeling anxious...or when you anticipate an anxiety-producing situation.  Don't be afraid to take the Xanax...while you are starting to sort thru this.  Just be careful, as they can make you drowsy. After you take it once or twice...you'll know how you react to it...it knocks some people on their butts...and others can function perfectly fine on it.

A good place to start is right here.  Reading others' posts, and journals is very helpful in realizing that anxiety is common and you are far from alone.  Also, it will give you a better understanding of just what anxiety IS, how if can affect you...and how different people have treated it.  Knowledge is power.  I have a few journals about panic attacks and agoraphobia (which is a common facet of Panic Disorder).  Also---check out the Health Pages here under "Anxiety"...there is a wealth of info there!

Stick around...share with us what you are comfortable sharing and let us help you start addressing this before the anxiety cycle worsens.  You are in an excellent position in that this is all new to you....you haven't been suffering for a long time, just hoping things improve...which a LOT of us have done when WE first started down this road.  I know *I* did...I tried to sweep it under the rug until finally there was nowhere else to sweep, ya know?  ;0)

Glad you found us....with a little work and patience...you'll be able to lean how to deal with this....and what your treatment options are.  There are many.

Hang in there!!!!  We're here for you!
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thanks for the words of encouragement it helps to not feel alone in this ,i did read a few posts here already and there seems to be good information and help thats why i finally plucked up the courage and joined
none of my friends understand this feeling i get  which makes it worst
the xanax does make me a little dizzy but the anxiety and panic atttacks are throwing me --i'm on a roller coaster at the moment like i am constantly on guard is that normal i mean  is that how it starts.i will try and read journals if i can find them

thanks again
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