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who has anxiety

does anyone suffer from anxiety..................
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I do or have along with a depression (I believe they go hand in hand), I started experiencing it about 10 months after having my daughter and have been on meds since. They help and I am starting to feel back to normal. It has been a tough go though....
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Yes i suffer saver anxiety,,along with bipoler,,I cant make ant friends because of feeling so nervous around people..i cant hold a job for more then 5 months,,i really have a hard time leving my houes ,even just to go shopping,,,
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I'm pretty sure I do, though I don't tend to notice the typical symptoms described such as rapid heartbeat, seating, etc.  It's more like a sense of dread and maybe a hopeless feeling.  For instance if something triggers it I may feel the despiration to get out of a setting akin to drowning but without the breathing difficulties.

Or I may get into a crying spell that won't end.  I'm not sure if that would be crossing over to depression or both anxiety and depression....
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Me-- I defidently have it and worse now in the past year with some medical problems.  When I told my friend what happened at the heart doctors last year she said oh you had a panick attack.  I'm like what are you talking about.  She also has them.  I just started with a therapist and they did prescribe celexa but I'm scared to take it.  I also take xannax as needed.  Just in the past month for some panic attacks.  They told me I should really start the celexa for the every day stuff. I hate taking meds and the last one I took 6 years ago was paxil and the side effects made me have to come off.  Besides the side effects it really made me feel "normal".  My anxiety was almost a 0.  I have a little problem with anxiety starting new medicines and I really work myself up before I have to take them.  Any advice on that would be helpful.  
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Hi Tia;

I do feel for you but please listen to your doctor and take the meds. I took celexa and it did not really work for me. Then I tried Effexor and have been slowly increasing its doze (started at a 1/4 of a pill and once I felt like I could use/ tolerate more I added another 1/4). I am now at a (hopefully) required doze and feel very much like myself. I understand that taking any meds is against your will but would you not take one if it were to save your life? (for heart problems, diabetes). I felt the same way for a long time, even tried to find alternative medicine but realized it was not helping. I really hope you can get the courage to see a psychiatrist and start with the better life. Start slowly, maybe you will need to try a few different meds but I am sure you will find your cure. All the best, panic attacks are not fun......:-). Do you exercise? hugs  Marta
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Great question to post on an anxiety forum. Who has anxiety. Don't think the forum would exist if none of us had anxiety.
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