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why do i only panic on acid or salvia ect, but not BUD(pot)?

I've smoked weed for 4 years now.I've done 10x salvia and smoked weed everydaoy for about 1 1/2 years.I've never freak out on maryjuana but i took acid for my first time.Lets just say no good....I took three hits of microdots from switzerland and i fliped my ****.One year later no phsycodelics but 1.2 of shrooms.That was all good.Then i smoke 40x salvia i only took not even a hit.Lets just say it was like the acid (panic).You might say bad trips but i freak out bad.Not only when i consume said drugs ,but also when i think about it i freak not freak but scare myself thinking about what happend.Im not a doctor im just a kid 16.65 years old born april,30,1993.I would just like some imput on my situation.
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Am late for work but will answer you question as soon as I get home in the morning.
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your panic can't be that bad if your still doing drugs, sorry but no time for people like you, keep doing your drugs and when your in the ER crying and fighting for your life , don't look for sympathy. (sorry all you bleeding hearts on this site, but If you read my post, I try to help PEOPLE WHO WANT HELP, not a post like this)!
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Some people can handle these.  You can't.  So don't.  And if you have to smoke mj every day, you're not smoking mj, it's smoking you.  I think some therapy might be appropriate to find out why you can't enjoy something in moderation; you're heading in a very harmful direction, as what's inside of you seems to be frightened.  Use this as an opportunity to learn, and to accept what's not good for you.
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Your bodys punnishing you with "Panic" for your decisions to hurt it with harmful substances.

The Panic feeling if your bodys way of saying STOP

I agree with Paxiled, you wont live to see 30 if you continue.
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