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withdrawals from lexapro

I have been weening off lexapro for a few weeks and I have muscle pains, and im tired , dizzy electricution feeling in the head my eyes hurt, im sensitve to light and I suppose to stop taking it all together tommoro i have a feeling this is going to hurt alot more.. any advice
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I weaned off Lexapro over about six-seven weeks.  I never had the "zaps" but I did get a nagging, awful, light sensitive headache for about 3 days after I would reduce the dosage.  I also experience an increase in anxiety about 3 weeks of being all the way off but it subsided rather quickly.  It is so hard to tell you what the side effects will be because everyone responds differently.  I have a nurse friend who was on 40 mgs (yes, 40) and went down 10 a month.  She was fine, no side effects.  I was on 10 and went down 2.5 every two weeks and still felt effects.  No one (doctors anyway) that I've talked to have said it takes more than a week or two to come off.  I think that is WRONG!  

You could try every other day for a week, then every third day.  Whatever works best for you to minimize the effects.

Good luck to you.
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