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I have had anxiety problems and panic attacks for about 2 years now and finally got some zanax which i take once a day and it has worked wonders for me i feel like i can better control my life. I have panic attacks when i am in front of a lot of people like giving a presentation for college.  I am getting married next month and i am worried that i am going to have a panic attack while i am at the alter what should i do i don't want the best day of my life to the worst no only for me but for my entire familys.
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I believe xanax to be an on-the-spot/at-the-moment type of med. On the other hand, Paxil or Zoloft is a consistent med in your system to combat these anxiety/social  symptoms and they also treat depression.  LIke xanax (although I've heard some addictive problems with that med) I feel great on klonopin, but it is a valium on-the-spot med that I don't think I would want to take every day as my tolerance may increase, etc. That is what the paxils and zolofts are for - to consistently balance your unbalanced chemicals in your brain that cause the social anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I don't really have much depression, but if my hormones and chemicals were not in place thanks to the zoloft, I would become depressed so it's a cure-all for me.

My very best to you on your upcoming nuptials and I hope my information helps you so as not to worry on your special day - this is the last thing you should worry about on that special day!!!!!!
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What I find about me is that I am totally anxious before an event and possibly after....but during the event, I find myself to be fine....I know that it is hard to do, but you cannot focus on your anxiety...hopefully you will be so busy that day, there will be nothing more to do but enjoy it!!!

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hi, i currently take 60mg of prozac, 10mg of zyprexa, and have been given .25mg of xanax three times daily for a intense panic disorder. i feel ok on the prozac but really like the effect xanax is giving me, im a post grad student with presentations and exams feel i need the xanax, and also want to uo my dosage in extreme circumstances e.g. college presentation, how much xanax is a safe amount to take, i want to take 4 tabs at one time that 1mg in all, safe or not?
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