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worried ;(

lately every time i stand up it seems like i get dizzy an my heart stops beating then goes to   beating slow.. i dont kno if its my blood pressure medication or my high Cholesterol  meds or anxiety, ive had blood test , xray an 3 ekg test done in the last 7 months , my dr seems to think im fine but its starting to scare me..  i wanna kno if anybody is experiencing this.. ??? please give me answers
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What I personally experienced was not EXACTLY what you are experiencing, but the mistake you are making now is the same mistake I made, and it damn near cost me my life. Run, don't walk, to the best  cardiologist you can find and have him/her rule out any cardiac problems.

I don't want to scare you, but if I had continued to listen and follow the advice of my GP, I would dead now.

I don't see that doctor any longer and I'd give you the same advice about yours. You and I were both having cardiac sypmtoms and our doctors did not recommended we see a cariologist.  
My GP thought I was doing OK, as well. The thoracic surgeon who put in my two  heart stents told me how lucky I was.....that I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

Don't do what I did. Get a thorough cardiac exam and ask that doctor to recommend a GP to you.
I wish you the very best
PM if you want to discuss this further.
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If you don't mind me asking what were your symptoms? I an having cardiac symptoms and I do see a cardiologist but an still nervous. And what test did you have done?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't mind you asking at all.
But I do want you to keep in mind that nobody has exactly the same kind of symptoms and most especially women. We really got the short end of the stick when it comes to heart attack symptoms. We can get a pain in our shoulder and think it's just a pain in our shoulder, or an ache in our back that we put down to the 6 hours we spent in the garden. It's a wonder that women aren't lined up around the block at every cardilogists office!

A few years ago while my husband I were picking up huge branches that had fallen during a wind storm, I noticed that I had a burning sensation in the area ABOVE both my breasts. They were not what I considered anywhere near my heart. I'd recently been diagnosed with GERD and just assumed that was it, even though I'd never felt it there before, it kind of  felt the same and would go away when I stopped hauling the limbs. Then I noticed that it would happen when I was doing something as benign as sweeping the floor. Then raking leaves. The sensation was always in the same place and I had no other signs of GERD. I went to my GP because it was starting to spook me and she said I had "atypical" GERD and put me on Prilosec. It may have helped the GERD, but did nothing for that burning feeling when I exerted myself even a little. I went back and she ordered an endoscopy which came up clear. I had a chest X-ray, also clear. I think she was about to say that it was probably related to my anxiety when I made my own decision to see a cardio.
After he looked at all the test results and took my history, he decided that he wanted to do a heart cath. I won't go into how freaked out I was by THAT! Not only because he thought I needed one, but the procedure itself was terrifying to me.
The next day I had it done and he said that if I didn't do something about my cholesterol levels, he would guess that in about 5 years I WOULD have a "cardiac event." In other words, a heart attack.
I went to a specialist in lipid control and she diagnosed me with "HYPER-cholestremia,." which means that no matter how much I watched my diet or exercised, my body was sabatoging me. I was producing WAY too much cholesterol and unless I did something, as the cardiologist had said, I was heading for the big one. She put me on a popular statin and had to go in every three months for a liver panel. My third one showed that my liver was not doing well because of the particular statin I was on, so she put me a different one. This one did not affect my liver as much, so she kept me on that, but the burning sensation in my chest never got better. In fact, it became worse, lasted longer and one day it radiated to my jaw. Yet another "classic" symptom of an MI in women.
(By this time, I was working in a different hospital and almost 6 years had passed)
I asked some of the doctors to recommend a cardio and I made an emergency appointment with him. He spent a long time listening to my heart and asking questions, took some blood and set me up for a stress test and echocardiogram. I did manage to last the entire 7 minutes on the treadmill, but was pretty surprised I hadn't croaked! As soon as you finish the treadmill, you immediately have to jump onto the gurney so the echo person can catch your heart at it's full tilt boogey rate.
After all of that was done, I waited to see the cardio. He didn't, of course, have all the results yet, but he gave me a script for nitro and explained how to take it if I had that burning sensation again. Take one, wait 5 minutes, if the pain was still there, take another and wait 5 minutes, if it was still there, take the third and last and if the pain hadn't gone away, call 911. He said to come back in three days and he'd hopefully know what was going on. Longest three days of my life. When I went back, he said the test had revealed some possible blockage in two of the main arteries in my heart but only another heart cath would be conclusive and if there was blockage, they could put the stents in at the same time. Oh goody! The procedure was scheduled for the next week and while I WAS nervous, because I'd had one heart cath already, I at least knew what to expect. You are awake during this procedure because your veins and arteries have no nerve endings.........hence, no pain. A cath lab is kind of a strange place. It's almost like being underwate..........maybe because of all the blue lights from the giant TV screens the surgeons watches to see where the catheters are going. At first it's a little creepy to see your own heart up there and then to watch this wire being snaked up your arteries, but because there is no pain, and no sensation, you disconnect, it's not YOUR heart, it's this really cool show on NOVA. You are given some great stuff to help you relax and it actually makes you quite witty. I was going to have both stents put in that same day but they ran into some problems and could only do one. I'd have to come back again. I spent the night in the hospital and went home feeling great.
Had the second one installed a month later and haven't had the burning since. It was decided by a group of cardios that what I was feeling was "diffused angina."
BTW, the first artery was 95% blocked and the second was 87%. When the surgeon came to see me, he just said I was one of the luckiest people he knew.
My other two arteries were showing signs of plaque buildup, so I'll be going in for another stress test in about a year. It's been three years this month and I'm not having any chest pains or burning. I am totally unaware of the stents but do have to carry a card to get through airport security.
I really am sorry that this turned into an epic tome about ME when all you asked for were my initial symptoms.
After you read through all that horse pucky up there, why don't you write and tell me what symptoms YOU'RE experiencing.
But since you are already under the care of a cardiologist, I wish you could let some of your anxiety go. But look who's talking. I was a panic stricken mess throughout this entire ordeal.
Sorry for the self-centered rant
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Go to Vegas. Have the time of your life. Drink too much. Spend too much. Laugh long and loud. Flirt. Eat big greasy 99 cent breakfasts.

It's more than likely EXACTLY what your heart needs.......A little less stress and mostly, getting YOU off the poor things back!

Put a 10 spot on black 13 for me, eh?

Why are you reading this and not packing?  
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LOL im going Friday hahaha!! u made me laugh, but im not trying to eat an drink so much. i swear im so nervous to go... hope ill make it..
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Thanks for that. I like the whole story petiole kinda only tell you the half of it which indeed I did want the whole story.
Yes I am under the care of a what I'm thinking is a great cardiologist. It started because of some pain I was having in my chest that wouldn't go away and the pain stated when I was just laying on bed. My symptoms are chest pain sometimes which an er dr disabused me with gerd. my heart races alot when I get up from sitting position walking up stairs watering the grass. I mean I could be doing anything and my heart races. I have had ecg stress test holter moniter xrayblood test and much more. But all seem to be ok. But this racing heart and fluttering and chest pain its crazy oh and like a week ago I was doing my son hair and my neck and jaw started to hurt for about 20 mins then went away. Hadn't been back but it freaked me out.. I do know everyone is different but I just had to know if we suffered some if any of the same symptoms. I work in a dr office which visits the homes of sick elderly bed ridden people. So I talk to my head dr alot but she is not that good in helping her workers for what ever reason lol. So I go back to my cardiologist and pcp in a week or so hopefully they could tell me something again thanks for you'd response I really wanted to know the while story.
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