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xanax and celexa

Hi i posted a few days about how long xanax stayed in your system.  I really think I need to take something for the everyday anxiety.  I did ask on another post about xanax and celexa and they said it was fine.  Does anyone know about this combo.  If I start the celexa I just want to be sure I can still have the xanax if I get an attack.  I'm so afraid to take the celexa because of the side effects.  I too paxil a few years ago and go horrible side effects.  The worse was the lack of sleep.  I have problems with that now as it is and take benadryl evey night to try and help.  When I do have to take the xanax I sleep well for about 6 hours till it goes out of my system.  Anyone out there take an everyday anxiety medicine along with an occational xanax.  My eye has been twitching for about two weeks and now the other side of my face just started and I think it's anxiety.  I am having other medical issues so I will mention it to the doc at the next visit but this started twitching on a very stressfull day and has not stopped since then.  I hate taking any medicine and always do this when I have to start something new.  Thanks for all the advice on my other post.  
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Using benzos for sleep isn't a good idea, since they wear off and it isn't really their purpose.  They sedate, they don't help the natural rhythms of sleep.  You might try something like melatonin or Calms Forte for the sleep problem, and hopefully you're in therapy to figure the whole thing out.

You can take Celexa with Xanax, but just be aware all of these can cause insomnia, it just depends on the person.  
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