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xanax and diflucan

So yesterday I took one dose of diflucan which is an antibiotic when I looked up the interactions it said it has a major reaction with xanax... its been over 12 hours since I took the diflucan... does anyone know if I can start taking my xanax now. I really need it
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I talked to the pharmacist and they said its fine to take my xanax now since I was only prescribed one dose of the diflucan
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How many hrs were between the dose of fluconazle and Xanax ? I feel like death and I took the fluconazle one pill at 8 am and it's now 11 pm and feel like total blahhh!!!
You might want to make a new post, as this post is 5 years old.  But if you feel like you've had a drug interaction, you should contact your prescribing doctor or your pharmacist.
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You need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist.  Did you get the Diflucan filled where your Xanax is filled?  If so, they should have explained this to you and instructed you on how to proceed.

Basically, the Diflucan can drastically increase blood levels of the Xanax.  It's great that you did your homework, definitely hold off on taking the Xanax until you speak with your doc!
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