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xanax and other benzo's

please see web site benzo.org and benzobuddies if you are taking any type of benzo's (benzodiazepines). They are prescribed for anxiety. They are only for short term use. They will quickly make you more anxious and you might end up taking more of them just to feel better, not even realizing that it's the drug making you feel that way. They are very addictive and cause a lot of mental and physical problems. xanax is expecially horrible!  Believe me, i've been there.

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It is a good website, I came across it around 2 years ago when I had severe side effects from short term use of Xanax.

If you are interested you should perhaps read The Antidepressant Fact Book by Peter Breggin. I have just read a review on this book and I found it very enlightening. There is another interesting book Selling Sickness - highlights interesting points about the marketing ploys used in sale of medicines.  I personally think that part of the problem with many anxiety sufferers is that we feel obliged to get rid of it somehow. So we go through the merry go round of medication, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, searching endlessly for miracle cures. But what if we just don't do anything and accept that some of us are just highly anxious in nature and just accept it. This strategy might be less tiring than going through the merry go round.  Any thoughts on this?

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I havent went to the site and dont think i want to but if someone is using xanax ONLY as needed  maybe one or 2 days max every other weekend or even one day a month then this can cause problems??
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The Peter Breggin site is very good tells you a lot about what is going on and why we are all prescribed these powerful drugs ,children as well for AHDD  I too was given this Xanax and Lexapro together and ended up for 2 days in ER, you do 'almost get over them" I am free after 2-3years I take nothing now I believe they are all making money from the Drug companys who send Reps out to offer kick backs.
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I guess sometimes meds can cause a lot of problems especially multiple drug theraphy. Unfortunately these days , multiple drug theraphy appears to be more and more common and used by doctors in usual clinical settings. Diet and exercise is hardly recommended by the younger doctors, instead add more pills and change the dynamics of the pill. This is really sad, not to mention the cost involved.

I recall reading a recent article of a study conducted by our consumer group in Australia on doctors general knowledge of medication. The majority of doctors it seems relied on pharma reps for this knowledge rather than an independant body. Many doctors didn't know there was an independant body that offered medical information on drugs. The ones that did know said it was easier to get the information from the pharma rep. How independant then would such doctors be. Also many doctors were not aware of a Medical Code whereby there was a limit on the number of times a pharma rep could visit them, most exceeded the limit. Now this is scary, as how independant would a pharma rep be, don't these doctors really care, I guess because they are treating someone else and not their loved ones or themselves. We all know that doctors are the worst patients as they scrutinise most treatments. So why is it different when it comes to someone else, I wonder. I personally find the more senior/older doctors are better as they seem to use some common sense and are able to be more objective. This is just from personal experience.

There are some really great meds and many not so good ones. The challenge is finding the right one for us when we really need a pill. I believe prescription drug advertising direct to the consumer in the US is on a large scale.  Luckily in Australia it is not a problem.
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I suppose that an occasional klonopin or xanax wouldn't get you addicted, I'm not really sure. I would not recommend it. I started with a small prescription and still became addicted and didn't even know it. I just needed them.

They are killer pills. So addictive that you would not believe it. The scientists who developed them must be evil. The way they work on the brain to cause the receptors to calm you down is frightening. Eventually the gamma receptors in the brain that work to calm you down, become damaged and can't work as effectively and you are even more anxious and you need another pill to feel realxed.  "thanks doc for all your help, you idiot"!!!

Anyway I took a lot for a long time and now I have just been diagnosed with lupus and a heart murmur. And possible kidney problems. I am in constant pain.

Before I took those pills I used to run 5k races and was a successful real estate agent, and owned my own home. Now I am 52 and on disability.

They are big profit centers for doctors and expecially the pharmaceutical companies.

Damn, I wish somebody had warned me.

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Thank you for bringing the scurge of benzos to the forum and to all who posted in this topic.  You are right there is no magic pill...I found posing the following question gave me the click back into the reality that I needed.  I have this posted all over the place and it is very empowering to know that all the tools you need to help in your recovery, you already posses.

If no one is going to recue me ... and take this Disorder away, if there is not going to be a magic answer, a magic pill, a magic cure, and ultimately my recovery is going to be up to me, what then?

from Nathaniel Branden's book ' The Six Pillars of Self Esteem'
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Hi I would agree that benzoes are a dreadful drug, My live is hell because of benzoes, I have been on ativan for over 30years, I was also on tranzene15mgs but they withdrew this of the market in the u.k, I was on that for over 30years as well so when I had to withdraw I went through hell, I take 4mgs of ativan daily I have tried to wean of the ativan onto valium but it was to hard, I just cry all day saying if I had never been put on these drugs I wouldent be like I am today, But beleave me I do fight but its hard.
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