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Which benzo works the best with least side effects?
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To be honest you dont want to start on any of these but the worst of all is xanax please stay away from this drug It is soo addicting and dangerous..
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Benzos get such a bad rap. Sure they are addicting and dangerous but they work great for short term relief from serious panic disorder. I'm sick and tired of people giving these drugs such a bad rap. They are bad for people that abuse them and mix them with other drugs or alcohol. Stop trying to scare people away from them. I currently take xanax and it has zero interaction with zoloft 150 mgs I take daily. I take appx .5 mg in the morning and again at night and I've never had a problem with it. I just posted the poll t find out more about the other drugs mentioned. I've heard that ativan is actually the worst for you from several doctors but was only trying to get users experience. With xanax I can still function great at work and I've heard valium and ativans just knock you out and tranquilize you to the state of uselessness.
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That is my experience and everyone is different. Its very easy to abuse any drug. I never abused drugs in my life till I was put on xanax and hydrocodone and my experience was awful. I started these when I was 39 never taking any drugs prior and yes I got very addicted to them as do many people.  I to started out with .5 in the am and .5 in the pm and then I was prescribed more and more and because of my situation I went through hell but I am happy to say Im off all the that crap and have been for almost 11 mths and I will never take any of it again I have learned to deal with my anxiety differently and its working.  Sorry that you are sick and tired of hearing this but I just really dont want to see anyone go through the hell that I went through, and your right not all people will get addicted as long as the right Dr is taking care of them.  Sorry for expressing my opinion I thought that is what this was all about.  
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Everyone here is free to express their opinions.  I try not to take things too personally here and realize sometimes when someone is stating something it's not an attack on anyone but just a strong personal belief.  
Anxiety is such a strange illness.  It has so many different causes, symptoms, and treatments.  What's good for one isn't for another. It's extremely frustrating and difficult to cope with mentally and physically.
I would like to hear how you deal with your anxiety now and how long it has worked for you.
If you no longer need meds then that's great.  I don't think any of us love them all that much! :-)
I'm surprised so few people responded to this poll.  
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Thank You so much, I am definately not here to attack anyone.  I have just seen and been through so much  because of these medications.. I have learned through many mths of counseling how to get through my anxiety and trust me I am still to this day having constant chest burning and tightness which they say is anxiety,  but I do my deep breathing, meditation, and I just stay busy with the things I like to do.  I talk to family about my feelings and I have alot of support.  I would of told people before they were crazy if they thought this would work but it does for me now and I am much happier. Xanax eventually just brought me down into a deeper depression but I am speaking for me and what it did to me,I was on them for ten yrs.   I am no longer depressed and I am living a fulfilling life. Sure I get anxious and stressed but I have learned to take a step back and gather my thoughts, it is very hard but its working.  
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Xanax isn't used for depression. That is why they are usually prescribed with a seratonin booster such as lexapro, zoloft, pristiq, paxil etc.... Valiums were really super popular in the 80's and then doctors went to much more effective measures in dealing with anxiety by pinpointing why it occurs rather than treating the symptoms after the fact. I used to have the worst public panic attacks. On the highway, in the super market, whenever I drove further than 10 miles from my home. Agoraphobia to the max. It sucked and then I went to a therapist and was prescribed the meds along with some very effective exposure therapy.
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