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xanax question

hey so im a 16 year old kid who takes .25mg xanax, a lot of my friends smoke weed and i was wondering if i take a xanax (orally not crushed or smoked or something weird like that) and then smoke weed an hour later, is it very bad for me or my body or health... i know that weed is bad and i just want to try it once, should i smoke with xanax in my system or no cause i dont want to do permanent damage???
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Xanax is highly addictive if misused. I understand the issues regarding marijuana and I can see both sides but for a person with a diagnosed psychiatric disability, it can make the symptoms of it worse. I know that not just from studies but from people who used it I know. As yes I've known people who didn't have a psychiatric disability and it didn't impact on them. But regardless, yes it will interact with the Xanax but if you have been taking Xanax on a regular basis then if you discontinue it all at once the results could be fatal. I'm more concerned about the interaction with Xanax and the fact that marijuana could worsen even an anxiety disorder than the idea that some people smoke marijuana. But if you want, look it up a medically reliable site about drug interactions and what I have posted can be clinically confirmed.
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dude you answered your own question, if your taking xanax, your taking it for a reason, think about that reason, I don't care if about the pot, lets see, your 16, work on the reason your taking xanax. then after you have dealt with that and xanax is out of your system, do what you need to do.
I am not taking your question lightly, but for a 16 yr. old kid (as you put it), you must have some smarts to come and ask your question, so again I say, the pot can wait, that is your decision, if your taking xanax its for a reason. feel free to share why you take xanax. take care.
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hey ther kido. i don't know why your doctor would put you on xanax at your age...this is not a drug to mess with, i've been taking 1mg-2mg xanax 3 to 4 times a day now for 11yrs. and if i don't have my meds. well lets say i put the bit in *****...i can't sleep, eat, go out of the house..i really can't be me..have you tried any other anxiety medicine before you were put on xanax? maybe zoloft? this worked really well for me for my depression.. any about smoking the herb, well lets see i've been smoking now for about 16 years and i started smoking a little younger thn you are now and i will tell you this...DON'T DO IT!!!! if you've never tried it don't. everyone will say it relaxes you, it will make you more mellow, but if your taking your meds right there is no need to smoke trust me. good luck little lady...SMOOCHES ;)
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Smoking weed will not do anything to you but help you if you let it help. The only downside to smoking weed is the smoking part NOTHING ELSE. Smoking weed WILL NOT kill you, or interact with your med in ANY dangerous way at all.

I do both. it helps me FUNCTION and lead a VERY VERY stress free life.
make sure you get sativa strain and not an indica if you can help it. The sativa plant and its various strains coat receptors in your brain that level out chemical imbalances for short periods of time, without the damaging results EVERY prescribed pill can give you.
you'll be fine.

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Yeah i smoke every day and have done as much as 2mgs of xanax and smoked some bowl packs. Not that i would recomend that much, however the point is there is a big gap between having enough to tie you over, to enjoy yourself and laying on the floor dieing. The trick is to take it a step at a time and dont over do it. you dont need a long term plan cause you are just doing it once. So be safe and if you do it again think a plan long term so you dont get lost in the drugs.
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