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Ok my story is long so I'm not going to get into it but I've been taking either valium or xanax for my panick attacks/anxiety my doctor gave me xanax before I was pregnant, then while PG and nursing I took nothing at all of course, and now I have a new doctor that started me with valium but wants to switch me to zoloft (this is a therapist)I don't want to take a daily drug for many reasons again I'm just going to leave those out, but both xanax and valium did the trick when needed, I'm not depressed I have anxiety and feel taking zoloft is for depressing more than anxiety. Plus if I can take something only when I need it instead of daily I think thats better anyway....do any of you have any advice/stories/insight....good or bad?
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if i was you i would just take what makes you more cofortable. I take xanx as needed. I used to take zolfoft and prefer xanax.
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See I DO have an addictive personality, however I've always been able to keep my usage of either valium or xanax in check... NEVER over used, NEVER got it unless it was from my doctor. And the only reason I've tried both  was two different doctors and one was before I was pregnant and the other after (not sure if that even makes a difference) I have heard of zoloft addiction not as common as xanax or valium but people do become dependant on it as well. I guess it makes me wonder why they want me to switch since I really do not have issues with depression and zoloft is for both anxiety and depression, and since I don't have a history of abuse with either of the other 2 it would seem the doc would be willing to let me stick with what makes me comfortable. I went my whole pregnancy and the 4 months following while i nursed taking nothing at all I did yoga, swimming and other things to help cope with the issues, plus being pregnant was so cool I had very little anxiety. So my point being I CAN do without ANYTHING and should probably just go that route, but I guess sometimes just knowing you've got something to take in a pinch is helpful even if you don't take it..... Sorry for the long vent, just really confused, think I might need to talk more to my doctor to.
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Thank you for your advice, thats how I've ben feeling so I'm going to talk to my doctor, I just think the side effects of zoloft are ****, and to be honest I like sex and don't want anything to get in the way of that and sounds like zolloft can do that as well.... I'm new in this forum but I also post on the addiction forum but it's nice to meet you and thank you again.
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Ok I'm on the fence here.  I took zoloft and (suffer from panic attacks/anxiety) and valium for 1.5years.  Only took valium when needed.  I am not sure that I would pick xanax over Zoloft, because xanax is addictive and can be abused.  Zoloft is used for anxiety and is an antidepressant.  It did cause me to be a little dizzy when I went off cold turkey, but that's it.  It does not cause dependency/addiction like xanax or valium can.  On that note, I guess I don't have an addictive personality, thank God, because I've used Ativan, Xanax and Valium all before and have never abused them and can taper off them if I want.  So take that info. as you like, but the fact is that Zoloft is not an addictive drug - you won't see anyone trying to buy it on the streets or abusing it:)
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