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xanax xr and zoloft

my doc has me on 1 mg. of xanax xr to keep anxiety sypmtoms in control while I get to a theraputic dosage of zoloft.  I'm finally up to 100 mg zoloft but I can't tell any differrence.  I still am having breaktrhough anxiety symptoms even with the xanax.  I'm 57 years old and have never had anxiety before.  This all started six weeks ago.  My doc encouraged counseling so I've been to two sessions and the conclusion seems to be that I no longer feel in control of my life because I've had health problems for the past 8 months and got downsized from my job.

My question is - when do the meds take affect.  I'm really tired of feeling so bad.  I used to be this engergetic  wife, mother and worker and now I feel like a vegetable.  I'm exhausted taking the xanax but without out it I feel  like ants are crawling over my body, I'm nauseated and can't eat, and am very shaky.  I've never thought of suicide but can certainly appreciate why someone could get to that point feelling this way all the time.  Any hope out there?
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for one thing i can tell you is that those medication takes up to six weeks to actualy work, so you should soon see some kind of improvement. i could relate to everything you are talking about, i go through the same thing almost every day, but hang in there an fight the good fight, you will get over it. pluse your on two great medications

god bless
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