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Hi i have been on xanax since  march 3 dr chnanged me from ativanto xanax..im on a fairly high dose of xanax   will the drowsiness from it evently go away..he had upped my adderall yesterday from 45 mg to 60 but my heartrate went to high so he dropped me down to 30 mg a day....i can tell its not helping me...its suppose to give me energy..i dont know why he would put me on less than i was before
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By now you should be able to write a book on medication. You know the workings of xanax by now. You never mentioned the dose. But a high dose would make you want to sleep. But my guess is that that effect would wear off the longer you are on it. As your body gets used to the dose. I have tried 1mg, 2mg and 3mg. Was only meant to be on 1mg when I once tried 3mg and lord did I feel my eyes closing. But like everything, time is needed with medication. Which your history of is not very good. You seem to give up on the medication far too easily and too quickly. Before long you are on something new. And you have the same problems. I would say, stick with what you are on. Give it a few weeks. Then see how you feel. Don't dismiss it straight off. I would imagine he put you on less of the second lot if the first lot was a higher dose. Be patient. Or else you will be switched onto something new again.
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Hi..im going to stick with what im on..i guess im just disapointed i fell no energy as dr thought i would on the adderall,i feel hopeless..he started me out on 45 mg. then tried 60 to much so down to 40 and then back to 45 and it worked ok but n energy so he upped it to 60 but with my anxiety as bad as it is,it was just to much sonow he put meon the lowest dose i have been on i guess u have to keep trying till right combo....as far as the xaanx its been a long time since i was on it.......i know the 17 years i was on it i felt great had energy........now im tiredim on 3 1/2 mg of it.........been on it since march 3..and 20 mg of prozac......ithink my anxiety had a part of making my hearrt rate go up burt we couldnt be sure so he lowered it the adderall..........have u heard of people having sucess with refractory depression and adderall..thanks
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Just seems a little bit off that a doctor gives out a form of medication to give you energy and another form of medication to relax you. If you see what I am saying. It is like one is meant to lift you and the other meant to bring you down in a calming sort of way. I'm no doctor. So don't know much about this energy medication. Seems one lot is to do the reverse of the other lot. Hang on in there and see how it goes. If it does nothing I guess you have to be honest about it. No point in taken something that does nothing at all for you. May as well be taken nothing at all.
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the adderall is for my refractory depression itssuppose to boost me and help bring me up out of the depresssion along with the xanax and the prozac and it seems my heart rate goes up aftr my xanax how wierd
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Oh, Miss Hazy.............what are we to do with you? We can all relate to your frustration about medications not working and horrid side effects and feeling like nobody is helping and nothing ever will. But for the past year we have watched as you've bounced from one med to the next without a fair trial inbetween. It seems the minute you have an uncomfortable side effect or the medication does not "work" within a few days, you're back at your doctor getting a new bagfrul of remedies to try. This latest go-round has you back on the Xanax but you're thinking it's this med which is making your heart rate go up. You also seem to be bouncing all over the Adderall dosage chart which may be very necessary for the doctor to find the correct dose for you, but Adderall is a CNS stimulant..............it's an amphetamine, and that is no doubt why your heart rate is all over the board, not from the Xanax.
I don't want to say anything against your doctor becasuse I think the poor fellow has probably been trying his best to help you get on some meds that would eventually help you..............IF you'd only give them a fair trial. But a doctor cannot force you to take a medication and if his patient comes in and says "this med makes me feel awful and it's not working and I want something else," you are essentially tying his hands. One can only guess at HIS level of frustration.
You have gotten good advice from MrGreen and he also has commented on how easily you seem to give up on meds.
If you really want this roller coaster to end Hazy, I strongly urge you to find a PMM, a Psychiatric Medication Manager, and put all of this into the hands of someone whose sole training has been in the use, the control and the management of these types of drugs. PMMs can be found in most psychiatric clinics, or you could find one by calling your local hospitals Physcian Hotline. This person will talk with you in depth, discuss your various disorders and and the two of you will devise a plan of medication(s) to help you deal with them. H/she will follow your progress and tweak dosages if needed, but they will also do a better job of explaining the side effects and the time it's going to take for any particular medication to reach therapeutic levels for you. In other words, they will help and encourage you to stay on a med until it is a certainty that it's not working for you. They will never make you "suffer," they will not endanger your life or your mental health, but unlike most GPs, they will not let you give up after just a few days.............they understand the side effects, they know what is "normal" and what isn't and will give you a great deal of reassurance that if you just stick with it for a while longer, those side effects and symptoms will disappear and the drug will finally begin to work for you.
They are kind, caring, helpful and extremely knowledgable people and I urge you to put yourself into the hands of someone who can, and will, FINALLY get you straightened out on your medication merry-go-round!
PLEASE give it some thought Hazy. How much longer do you want to live the way you have been?
Your doctor is definitely a professional, but he is not a professional in psychiatric medication and in my humble opinion, that is what you desperately need to end this insane cycle you've gotten in to.
You know we love ya, right? And you know we want what's best for you and we want you to feel "right" again. To accomplish that, you need to go to the right person who can truly help you.
As always, we wish you the best.
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I would love to find that kind of dr but i dont know where to begin,i tred reno with no luck the dr im seeing now is in utah   but i see him one more time and then he is retiring so i have to find a new dr again..maybe you could help me research i will go to salt lale city or twin falls idaho rene if we ould find one there...i have been on the xanxa nd prpzac since march and the adderall since aptil 7th the first day i took it i felt great and then i freakes about serotonin syndrome and by the 3rd fay my heartrate was way high..so dr lowered it then we got the heartrate under control and he put me up to 60 mg thats was way to high he freaked and put me down to 30 mg..i find i feel tied today adn its suppose to be like speed and give u energy..one pharmist tols me its normal to feel tired while they are adjusting it but most say u shouold feel the stimulating effects and energy right away,,im doing everything my dr is telling me to do...but the adderall gave me such dry moth then my lips and tounge started hurting and this morning i have bumps around my ankles so worried im having a allerguic reaction..even though i went to a dr last week before my tounge was hurting and  she said i looked fine..i sowant to be well..if you have any drs u could suggest ot help me find i would be forever grateful..thanks carol
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Give me a few days Hazy and I will do everything in my power to find you a PMM.
Just keep doing what the doctor tells you and let him know immediately if anything is really wrong like a severely elevated heart rate.
We ARE all going to get to work on finding you the right doctor!
You just keep hanging in there, OK?
You're a tough old broad so you got that working for you!    LOL

Give me some time, OK? I will do everything I can. I will ask my PMM if he knows anyone in the area you live in or are willing to travel to.
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I'm not sure of your age Hazy. But check this site out. The last one on the list. I will also look for more and see what I can find for you. This is an over 55s site. Sorry if you are younger. I just have no idea at all.


The seond site seems to have various things got to do with mental health. Lot of people and phone numbers. Just search till you find the one for you.


I hope we can post the link. I know some links are not allowed be posted. So if you see a lot of spaces, that is why.
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thank you both so much Im 49...live in nevada..thanks again
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Just adding a few places found in Reno. They are easy to find on the net. Not sure what their prices would be like though. But nothing ventured nothing gained.

Saint Mary's Adult Behavioral Health Outpatient Program
6770 S. McCarran Blvd.
Reno, NV 89519
(775) 770-7950

West Hills Hospital
1240 East Ninth Street
Reno, NV 89512
Toll Free: 800-242-0478
Phone: 775-323-0478

West Hills Hospital

Excellent and compassionate patient care is the primary concern of West Hills Hospital. We provide a full range of behavioral health care services, including inpatient hospitalization, chemical detox and rehabilitation, and intensive outpatient psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment. West Hills Hospital services all Northern Nevada and Northern California communities.

Main Number: (775) 982-4100
We want to hear from you. To contact any department at Renown Health, Renown Regional Medical Center, Renown South Meadows Medical Center, Renown Medical Group, or Hometown Health, please call (775) 982-4100.

Health Hotline: (775) 982-5757
Turn to Renown Regional's Health Hotline with any medical questions, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Please call the Health Hotline when:

Behavioral Health offers a wide array of services to help adults, adolescents or children dealing with mental health issues, such as:

Grief, anger management, marital issues, stress, living with chronic disease, job-related problems or other issues that impair daily living
Substance abuse
Mood disorder, including depression and bipolar disorder
Anxiety disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Eating disorder
Posttraumatic stress disorder
Schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders
Attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity
Borderline personality disorder
Physical and/or sexual abuse
Services available through Behavioral Health include:

Mental health and substance abuse treatment
Psychiatric consultations
Medication management
Psychological testing
Individual or family therapy
Issue-specific group counseling

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Here are a few sites for you to check out..........all of them have PMMs (Psychiatric Medication Managers)
These, combined with what MrGreen found for you, will hopefully, and finally, find you the truly qualified kind of care you need right now to get your medications under control and your life back.
You know we all care very much and hope you will keep us posted about what you find out.
Let me know if MH has not allowed these links.
Take good care, Hazy!

   University of Nevada School of Medicine - Post-Graduate Residency  

In both of these highly supervised settings, Fellows will perform psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations, medication management, individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy and participate in multi-disciplinary treatment settings. ... At CBS, which is a state of Nevada child and family services agency,
132k - 19 sec @ 56k  www.medicine.nevada.edu/residency/reno/psychiatry/child... www.medicine.nevada.edu/residency/reno/psychiatry/child_adolescent_fellowship.asp  

Services | Counseling Services | University of Nevada, Reno  

Counseling Services offers psychiatric evaluation/ consultation to determine the ... Also, our psychiatrist provides medication management to check the ... 202 Thompson Building | University of Nevada, Reno | Reno, NV 89557-0080 ...
390k - 56 sec @ 56k  www.unr.edu/stsv/cs/services/  

Alliance Family Services | Psychiatric Counseling  

AFS offers psychiatric services through Bruce Miewald, M.D. in our Coeur d'Alene, ID office, and Edward Lynam, M.D. in our Reno, NV office. These services include diagnostic evaluations, consultations, and medication management. ...
www.alliancefamilyservices.com/psychiatric_counseling.h... www.alliancefamilyservices.com/psychiatric_counseling.htm  


Behavioral Health  

Medication management ... Partial Hospitalization Program; Intensive Outpatient Program; 850 Mill Street, Suite 301; Reno, Nevada 89502 ... Child and Family Center; 225 Kirman Avenue; Reno, Nevada 89502...
176k - 25 sec @ 56k
This site uses Flash  www.renown.org/body.cfm?id=386 www.renown.org/body.cfm?id=386  

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thank you both so much i will start calling on Monday...not west hills though i was impatient there and a dr rich was my dr for months and no help then the dr before the one im seeing now was from westhills...dr assad and he treated me for bipolar and put me in a bad way  but i will check the others out..and maybe some places in salt lake i thin utah dr are much better than we habe in nevaada thanks so mch
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also are these drs you both are speaking of differnt than pshychitrists..my drs i have been seeing are pshychitrists
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The places that I've written you about are staffed by psychiatrists.
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so there is no differnve in then ,from the pshychitrists i have been seeing for 2  years..do u know that before i cold turkeyed xanax and beer in 07 for all those 17 years i never had to see a pshychtrist once,,,i functioned normal raised my kids,it was stopping the xanax that screwed me up and im having hard time getting back to living but i thank u so much for helping me
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Not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly. The places I gave you are all staffed by qualified, professional psychiatrists. If you've been seeing psychiatrists for the past two years, they will be the same type of doctors.

I'm not qualified to give you any kind of dx Hazy, but what I CAN give you is my humble opinion. And that is............if you had a 17 YEAR Xanax habit and cold turkeyed it 3 years ago, and THAT was when all these problems started for you, then I have to GUESS that that could POSSIBLY be at the root of your troubles now.
But ONLY a doctor/psychiatrist/PMM is going to be able to give you a positive diagnosis. I simply don't know if stopping the Xanax cold turkey after that many years could have effects that would last three years.
I obviously can't make you any promises Hazy, but I feel certain that connecting with a good PMM is going to be the answer for you. I hope so. You've suffered enough and deserve your life back!
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thanks so much ..yes allthe drs i have been seeing are certified pshychtrists..not regular drs...also i have noticed the last two mornings when i get up at 6 my heartrate is 93 and i take a xanax and goback to bed when i get up again at 8 my heartrate is yesterday 129 and today 115 and i have taken nothing else..the adderall from the aftrenoon before is out of my system is that weierd, they say in rare cases xanx can make eheartrate go up..i dontunderstand..have u every heard of such a thing? carol
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I have never heard of Xanax causing anybodies heart rate to increase. My first guess is that you are a bit obsessive about your heart rate to begin with, so when you get up that second time, it sounds like your first thought is "is my heart rate higher?" That thought alone could cause you to fear that it will be and fear WILL increase the rate and sure enough, it IS higher!
Tomorrow morning when you get up, don't take your pulse at all. I know that may be difficult, but force yourself not to. Take it a few hours after you've been up but have been sitting quietly, perhaps reading or watching a TV show.
The only other possibility I can think of is that you have a sensitivity to the Xanax, or benzos in general. This might be something to discuss the next time you see your doctor. I'm not even sure a "sensitivity" would increase heart rate, but I can't give you a postive answer.
One question. Does your heart rate go down to normal or does it remain high? If it goes down after a bit, I think the likelyhood of it being related to your fear is a good guess.
But remember, I'm not a doctor!
Take care, Hazy!
Go do something you really enjoy today!
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My blood pressure and heart rate both go up and down yesterdya at one time bllod pressure was 138/102 never has been that high and yesterday i got a lower back ache and its bad this morning i had been having tingling in my legs a for  afew days earlier this week dont know whats going on there..adderall can do all sort of things
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I think it may be time to discuss your BP concerns with your doctor. You seem to have a mistrust of the adderall which could be increasing your anxiety and therefore your heart rate. I believe you've told us that he has changed your dosage of this med several times.............perhaps a discussion about discontinuing that med or replacing it with something else MIGHT be in order.
But do get your BP checked. Your "top" number is good, it's the bottom number that needs fixing.
Stay strong, Hazy!
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